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Kai Sokhna: More than Just Your Typical Luxurious Coastal Compound

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Kai Sokhna: More than Just Your Typical Luxurious Coastal Compound
written by
Mariam Nowar

Imagine this: You’re right by the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea, and your feet are sinking comfortably in the sand while the sizzling sunrays tickle your shoulders. Wait, why imagine? You can experience such everlasting relief every single day at Misr Italia Properties’, Kai Sokhna, where you can expect something much more than your typical luxurious coastal compound.

The word “Kai” means sea in Hawaiian, and everything there is literally by the sea – your new natural habitat. From cabanas to a five-star Hilton Hotel & Resort, you can rest assured you will be staying somewhere that is perfectly tailored to your personality, surrounded by an exclusive community of likeminded individuals.

Misr Italia Properties’ Kai Sokhna totally upped the game with a video that paints the perfect picture of a life lived as a creature of the sea. The video features slow-motion shots of people relaxing on the beach, making them look almost like an entirely different species, along with a soothing voiceover that narrates how complete your life can be with Kai Sokhna’s countless blessings.

Interiors of your space can range from Zen White to Retro Blend, and everything in between – all thanks to Alchemy Design Studio, who made sure your unique units are designed to feature a breathtaking vista of the sea. Even if you don’t wake up to a frame of the waves, you’ll still have blue in your view that features the swimming pools.

The moment you step outside, you’ll find plenty of activities to keep you occupied, including a clubhouse, pool, beach restaurant & bar by TLT Hospitality, and (for the first time in Sokhna) a one-of-a-kind kite center called Fins. The new, upscale, and fun center was designed by Segments Architects and is managed by Sherif Soliman and Jennifer Osman. The masterminds will not only have you flying into the bright blue sky without a care in the world, but they also know how to offer you a host of fun activities when the wind is scarce.

All amenities are within walking distance at Kai Sokhna, and it’s the perfect getaway hideout from the noise of the city. Rest assured that the 1KM long sandy beach will be your sanctuary, and the farthest point to reach from the beach is a mere 100m. When you’re dining outside, you’ll find both luxurious and boho-chic outlets to make your picks from. In a nutshell, you will be joining a community you belong to when you choose Kai Sokhna, where you can inhabit the sea and live as a free soul.