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Kersh Keepers: Cairene Foodies Have Found Their Home at This Viral Facebook Group

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Kersh Keepers: Cairene Foodies Have Found Their Home at This Viral Facebook Group
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    If there’s one thing social media has contributed to the lives of millions, it’s the ability to easily find recipes, learn new cooking techniques, and allow users to ask for food or restaurant recommendations. Indeed, we have all spent more time than usual watching those videos of hands preparing a recipe, and whether or not we actually end up cooking these dishes, these videos still feed our souls. As such, social media has benefited all types of foodies, and people, from those who prefer eating out to those who opt for cooking their own meals, and all those in between.

    This is where Kersh Keepers comes in. Kersh Keepers is a Facebook group that targets food lovers, by letting its members upload pictures of a place they visited and their opinion of it, or review a food item they bought, and even ask members to share information on where certain food-related items can be purchased. Additionally, some members share recipes, tips, and tricks related to food.

    Once something goes viral in Egypt, people take advantage of its and abuse it in a positive way; this is exactly what made Kersh Keepers so successful, as almost everyone you know is a member on it. The funny part is that everyone in this group interacts with so much passion surrounding everything food related. The group’s members share hilarious memes and videos that every single foodie can most definitely relate to, and they tag friends and family members ensuring constant humour and entertainment.  

    The group was created in 2018 but went viral this Ramadan. The group currently has over 900,000 members on Facebook, and almost all posts receive thousands of comments, engagements, and tags, proving that everyone is active and enjoying the mesmerising page. Make sure you join this group for reviews, advice, and hilariously engaging content!