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LA7 Sports Apex: A Celebration of Sports & Movement

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LA7 Sports Apex: A Celebration of Sports & Movement
written by
Malak Gharib
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Fitness enthusiasts, rejoice! LA7’s first-ever Sports Apex event is just around the corner, so we’re calling all the fitness fanatics out there for a day full of surprises and competitions! Whether you’re looking to unwind in a yoga class, learn exclusive nutrition tips, dance, or simply work out, this event has you covered with something for everyone.

LA7 gyms kick off their first LA7 Sports Apex at Marakez’s District 5. The two-day event and festival will take place between Friday, May 31st, from 10 am to 10 pm, and Saturday, June 1st, from 9 am to 10 pm. The event has a stellar programme with renowned figures in the sports industry, including Nourhan Farouk, Yara Zohiery, Rowana Badry, ZAG, and Nader Emad.

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LA7 Apex’s programme kicks off with early morning yoga and LA7 workouts. Dive into cooking school workshops and competitions, and test your strength at the El Fit competition for both adults and kids. Enjoy the GOODGAMES by GOODSPACE, featuring a thrilling dance battle, k-pop dance crew contest, and dance classes. Compete in the Padel tournament by SR & Premier Padel. Don’t miss the live concert on Friday as Mohab, Tul8te, and Nedz take over the stage, for which concert tickets are sold separately via TicketsMarche (book through this link). Don’t forget to explore the exhibition showcasing Egypt’s top health and wellness brands, and definitely don’t miss this celebration of fitness, fun, and community!

Get your ticket via TicketsMarche if you haven’t already, or head to your closest LA7 branch (if you hold a membership at the gym) to get your invitation and a plus one complimentary access to the event. Children below 15 enter free of charge. For more information, call 0115 4499712 and don’t miss out on this ground-breaking sports extravaganza!

Image via TicketsMarche