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Legends Never Die: The Iconic Nokia 3310 is Back

Legends Never Die: The Iconic Nokia 3310 is Back
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Cairo 360

They did it. They really went and did it. It sounded like some sort of prank designed to tingle your nostalgia-buds. But low and behold, it’s real – Nokia has brought its legendary 3310 back from the mobile phone hall of fame. If this was a boxing film, we’d be at the scene where the seasoned veteran would come out to the ring, where his young, cocky hotshot opponent is waiting for him, as he realises that that his wily senior means business. This is not just one last payday; it’s not one for old time’s sake. The Nokia 3310 is here and it’s already landing some knockout blows.

Oscar-worthy boxing film scene aside, it’s been 17 years since Nokia’s 3310 changed the fickle mobile phone game. Set to be released in Egypt on July 15th, Nokia also announced a whole smatphone range that included Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6, but it’s 3310 that has really struck a chord with those of us old enough to remember a world of Snake and monophonic ringtones.

Boasting a 2.4-inch display, 2MP camera and 2G network coverage, it’s a feisty little phone that is just as indestructible as its early-2000s counterpart, despite all of its new hardware features. While the glossy yellow and red versions are the ones you’re most likely to have seen, the handset also comes in its original dark blue colour. Other functions on the phone include an FM radio (awesome), a voice recorder, a version of Opera web browser and a Li-Ion 1200 mAh battery that gives you up to a month of stand-by time and 22 hours of talk time before it needs recharging.

Following the phone’s unveiling to Egyptian press earlier this week, the release has been met with more than just a little intrigue; can the 3310 compete in an increasingly saturated smartphone market? Will Nokia ever re-release the 8110 (that really cool one from The Matrix)? How long before people start posting their Snake scores on social media? Only time will tell.