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Life in the City Made Much Easier with these 10 Applications and Online Stores

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Life in the City Made Much Easier with these 10 Applications and Online Stores
written by
Dina Mokhtar

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While many major cities turn into a ghost town when the sun goes down, Cairo, with a mind of its own, keeps going strong no matter what hour in the day, or night it is – a feature that meets any expectation or craving. And when technology walks in, living in the city becomes a whole lot easier.

Whether you are just a visitor, an expat, or a Cairene, here are ten applications, and online stores, that will be of help:

Cairo Metro:

Available on Google Play, and the App Store, the Cairo Metro offline (yes, it doesn’t need an internet connection) application is available in English and Arabic. Through this app, you can find the nearest station, directions to get there, as well as the number of stations you’ll pass through during your journey. It also informs you of the correct ticket needed to get to your destination.   

Go Clean Egypt:

Available on Google Play and the App Store, this one is for all those who care about the planet. It offers recycling solutions that come with rewards in the form of cash or household products. All you need to do is gather your recyclable items, add your information and address, and have them collected from your doorstep. 

Wishwash  Laundry Egypt:

Speaking of eco-friendly services in Egypt, WishWash Laundry Egypt claims to be the first laundry services brand in the city to apply the environmentally friendly Wet Cleaning technology, which, according to the brand, is said to restore the colours of the fabric.

We are not sure how that exactly happens, but what we know is that the method, contrary to dry cleaning, avoids using harmful chemicals. The app offers a range of services, in addition to packages, and express service. Available on Google Play and the App Store.


Your ultimate go-to app for the freshest bakes in town; we tried it out ourselves, and it’s one of the apps that will put bread on your table without going through the hassle of going out to get it. In addition to the availability of placing an order through their website, you can find their app on Google Play, as well as the App Store.

You can also find a range of dairy products, as well as canned foods, so it’s a bakery shop and a grocery store too.

The Grocery Shop:

Speaking of groceries, among the many Egyptian grocery shopping apps, The Grocery Shop stands out. It’s available on both Google Play and the App Store. Reviews say it’s efficient in terms of delivery punctuality, as well as the wide range of products it has on offer.

El Menus:

One of the most used applications in town for ordering food online. No matter where you are in the city, there’s always a nearby place that will satisfy your craving. The application is available on Google Play and the App Store.


Tired of dragging your pet out of the house every single time they have a vet appointment? No worries, Vetwork will find you the nearest vet, who will check on your fluffy friend at the comfort of your home. The app is available on Google Play and the App Store.

7 Pets:

Speaking of pets, 7 Pets is where you can shop for all that your pet needs online. Whether it’s a new toy, treat, daily food, or even an accessory, 7 pets has it all.


A jack of all trades, InstaShop has everything you need; from groceries and flowers to pet supplies. According to our personal experience, InstaShop has never let us down. Available on Google Play and the App Store.


Based on personal experience, Uber, by far, offers the best range of transportation services, and no matter what your budget is, there’s always something for you. The application, which is available on Google Play, and the App Store, also includes Uber Bus and Uber Eats, so it’s a multipurpose app.