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Lipton is Encouraging Egyptians to Do Good & Feel Good

Lipton is Encouraging Egyptians to Do Good & Feel Good
written by
Cairo 360

If there’s one thing that can bring Egyptians together in friendly communion, it’s a nice, hot cup of tea – one might even call it Egyptians’ social lubricant of choice.

It’s this spirit that Lipton Egypt is channelling for new initiative with the help of Egyptian actor and funny-man, Ahmed Helmy. Built on the notion that we as Egyptians have the power to change society for the better, Lipton is encouraging social media users to take on one simple act of goodwill and kindness, before challenging their friends, family and other social media users to do likewise – before they then, in turn, challenge others.

The campaign is set to flood social media platforms and Lipton is taking things one step further by printing some of the best entries onto teabags for an even wider reach.

You can get in on the act to by taking on your own good deed, no matter how small, and challenging your friends to do likewise. Lipton have made it easy, though, with a dedicated website that lets you choose a GIF that represents your good deed; you can then write your deed on GIF and share it on Facebook on Instagram with the hashtag  #الحد_الاولانى.

While online movements are often met with a certain level hesitancy, these kinds of initiatives are tailor-made for the world of social media. Keeping things simple, Lipton has put the campaign into the hands of social media users – and it actually works out to a perfect metaphor. The betterment of Egypt from the ground up is in our hands.

The ball is well and truly rolling with #حد_أولاني  – to be part of that ball, click here for more.