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Luxurious Mediterranean Retreat: Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano

Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano Luxurious Retreat
Luxurious Mediterranean Retreat: Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano
written by
Malak Gharib

Prepare for an experience of pure magic at the city of Alexander the Great’s Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano. Experience nostalgia as the memories we all have in Alexandria are in each and every corner and never fade. Between the ones revisiting Alexandria and reliving memories to new visitors eager to unravel the secrets of the pearl of the Mediterranean, Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria has you covered. 


A Place to Relive Your Memories and Welcome New Ones:

Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano revives the city so that its guests can relive their memories, immersing themselves in cultural attractions while soaking up the sun at a stunning beachfront resort that offers a joyful summer vacation. Guests are greeted every morning by scenic sea views and fresh breeze. The sea, sand, and sun invite them to embark on fun-filled activities around the hotel for the whole family.

At Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria, the little ones are never left behind! Youngsters are welcome to meet Alex the Crab at their outstanding Kidzandria to get in touch with the city as they embark on activities full of fun and education, storytelling, arts and crafts, sandcastle building, and a lot more to enjoy in their summer break.


Your Perfect Fishing Trip Awaits:

Explore the wonders of the sea as you embark on a fishing day guided by the hotel’s team. The abundance of the natural treasures of the Mediterranean Sea is right at one’s fingertips. For fishing lovers or newbies, this on-site experience is an authentic Alexandrian must-do with the assistance of the hotel’s fishing experts. 

For those seeking a chance to rejuvenate in a setting of charming nature by sunset, guests will be welcome to take a break to reflect and reconnect their minds, bodies, and souls in professionally guided yoga sessions. 


Authentic Seafood Flavours and Refreshing Drinks:

Experience the freshness of the sea cooked the Alexandrian way by the hotel’s local chef at The Beach Restaurant. Unravel the secrets of the best Sayadia and indulge in the tantalising flavours of the renowned fish dish spiced with a secret mix of spices. 

Whether dining poolside or sipping a cocktail, the magical sunset view of Alexandria is unmissable. Take a dip in the only beachside infinity pool with seawater directly on the Mediterranean shore, providing the best view and unique experiences for all the family. 


Luxurious Beach Villas:

Beach villas also offer an extraordinary getaway experience, featuring private pools, exclusive villa amenities, and personalised experiences. Guests can indulge in a BBQ prepared by the Executive Chef or participate in a health program with professional trainers, ensuring a memorable and unique stay.


Sightseeing and Visiting the Graeco-Roman Museum:

Enjoy the sightseeing of the wonders of Alexandria. The Graeco-Roman Museum of Alexandria, architecturally designed to preserve and exhibit Egypt’s antiquities from the Greek and Roman periods, stands as a significant cultural institution. Thanks to the efforts of Italian Giuseppe Botti, who had been advocating for the museum since 1889 to protect Alexandria’s heritage, it was officially established on June 1, 1892. 


Summer Retreat Offer:

For a summer retreat, families can enjoy up to 20% off rates for reservations made through the website or email, offering a rejuvenating Mediterranean city break in Alexandria. For more information, visit the offers page on the hotel’s website or email: