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Ma’ Baa’d Benekbar: Misr Italia Properties’ Initiative Hands the Community Another Gift in the New Capital

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Ma’ Baa’d Benekbar: Misr Italia Properties’ Initiative Hands the Community Another Gift in the New Capital
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    Let us all agree that the future of a nation depends on its youth. Tomorrow’s men and women are assets that need to be invested in today, and provided with every possible means of growth, including the cornerstone of any success; education.

    With this belief, and also believing in giving back to the community, Misr Italia Properties established an initiative called “Ma’ Baa’d Benekbar” or Together We Grow, which aims to raise a generation that will be up to the challenges of the Egyptian market.

    “Our role is to invest in youth, and by doing so, we are investing in the future of our country,” stated Mohamed Al Assal, Misr Italia Properties CEO.

    The initiative boasts a bright history of educational investment in the Egyptian youth, delivering two schools in 2017 and 2018 that are worth a total of EGP 12 mn; Ayman Abdel Hamid Secondary Military School in Rass Sudr, and a primary school for the underprivileged in Qalyubia.

    Through the initiative, Misr Italia Properties continues to give back to the nation, announcing in a press conference that the Al Assal Language School will be the first school in New Administrative Capital for the underprivileged. Donating EGP 25 mn, Misr Italia has partnered with the Armed Forces Lands Project (who will provide the land), as well as the Engineering Authority of the Armed Force, which will be responsible for the school’s construction.

    Built over 11,800 m2, Al Assal Language School is set to take up to 1500 primary, middle and high school students; comprising 56 classes, as well as a number of science and computers laboratories, in addition to a theatre and a sports field, offering students every aspect of growth and development within its walls.

    With an initiative like Ma’ Baa’d Benekbar, Misr Italia Properties sets a good example, giving a helping hand in building a new generation that will not only be able to carry the weight of the future, but also learn to pass the legacy to future generations.