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Majidah: An Online Employment Platform Dedicated to Empowering People With Disabilities

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Majidah: An Online Employment Platform Dedicated to Empowering People With Disabilities
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Cairo 360

This year could mark a significant step forward in the way Egypt helps people with disabilities. When we say “help” we don’t just mean marginal representation via quotas. In that spirit, the first Egyptian online employment platform, Majidah, has recently been launched for people with disabilities.

Ebtessama is the secret behind the launch of this website. So, what is Ebtessama? According to their website, Ebtessema “believes that everyone has an equal right to life, including young people with mental disabilities.” Through the years, Ebtessama has helped people with mental disabilities with several comprehensive programs and initiatives. As such, is a continuation of all the work that Ebtessama has been doing for people with disabilities. Indeed, the platform will act as a medium between people with disabilities and employers, companies, institutions, and training centres.

Consequently, the website is not just about finding jobs; it is about fully preparing and integrating people with disabilities for the competitive job market, and society in general. In the words of a statement published on behalf of

“The platform creates a full-fledged system for integrating people with disabilities into society by providing them with suitable job opportunities and training programs that will enable them to acquire skills appropriate to the needs of the labour market.”

The statement further indicated that the platform is named after social worker Magda Samy: the woman who founded Ebtessama. We also have to thank Vodafone Egypt Foundation; the telecommunications giant has partnered up with Ebtessama to facilitate the launching of this platform.

Mahira Hassam, the General Secretary of Vodafone Egypt Foundation said the following: “we are constantly working to develop the community and increase the pace of progress in Egypt by empowering people with disabilities and by supporting the digitisation of Egypt.” 

Egypt has about 12 million people with disabilities, as confirmed by the United Nations. Despite this large number, however, Egyptians with a disability often do not receive equal rights and fair treatment, especially within the workforce. With a platform like being launched, it is safe to say that Egypt will be able to tap into the large and unused potential of people with disabilities, thereby transforming the notions people have about employing people with disabilities from a sort of public service project to a lucrative and essential facet of our beloved Egypt’s economy.