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Make The Most Out Of Your Summer With These Job Opportunities

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Make The Most Out Of Your Summer With These Job Opportunities
    written by
    Nesrien Abdelkader

    Everybody wants to kick back and relax in the summertime. It’s a well-needed break from the stress of school or university life because balancing an education, friends, and family can be hectic, to say the least. However, there are some more productive ways to spend your time than curled up in your room with your favourite Netflix show playing (although that sounds tempting).  

    Summer jobs are a great way for students to learn responsibility and gain valuable experience in the real world. Plus, a little bit of extra cash never hurts. Cairo is home to tons of job opportunities for teens and young adults that are fun and give them the chance to socialise. They also offer flexible schedules, which still leaves you time to chill and enjoy your vacation. 

    We’ve found some of Cairo’s best summer jobs for teens and young adults. 


    Tutoring jobs offer both good pay and extremely flexible hours. There are different companies in Egypt that can help connect you with potential clients, including the popular tutoring service Orcas. You can also work independently and set your own rates.   

    Work in a Dessert Shop or Bakery 

    Serving up some delicious treats alongside your work besties sounds like a perfect way to spend the summer! There are some adorable little places to get a dessert across the capital looking to hire fun young people. Stores like Dirty Cookie in Garden City or Ratios Bakery in Maadi mainly employ youths as their staff members. 

    Be a Summer Camp Counsellor

    If you love working with kids and adventurous activities, then sign up to be a camp counsellor this summer. Many camps are hiring students to manage campers for a few weeks of fun. You can reach out to places like Kidzania or Wellspring Egypt for a job opportunity that won’t even feel like work. 

    Start an Internship 

    Finding an internship for the summer is one of the most valuable ways that students can spend their time. It offers them a way to gain new skills and the experience to make them stand out amongst their peers when applying for future jobs. There are opportunities in nearly every field, including media and content creation, engineering, computer science, and more. Besides academics, students can participate in exciting programmes like TBS’s Junior Baker internship or learn sales skills from a real estate agency like Nawy Real Estate. 

    Start Your Own Business

    If none of the above options appeal to you, then create a job that does! More and more young people are entering the market with their own unique business ideas. So whether you’re into fashion, food or something totally unheard of before, you can put your creative talents to good use.