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Mamsha Ahl Masr: A remarkable and refining Promenade for the Nile

City Edge Development Councel Masters Mamsa Ahl Masr
Mamsha Ahl Masr: A remarkable and refining Promenade for the Nile
    written by
    Nada Medhat

    “The promenade will become one of the most important touristic attractions in Cairo, in which the historical area is being developed, by providing new destinations that show the eternal beauty of the Nile,” promises George Metry, Chairman of Counsel Masters, regarding the new project.

    ‘Mamsha Ahl Misr’ is a multi-segment project that has been a while in the making. Its implementation began in 2019 and is still ongoing.

    The project’s main aim is to create a two-level promenade on multiple parts of the Nile Corniche, starting from Cairo and going to the upper and lower ends of the Nile. This was done to give people better access to the waterfront, which can be difficult due to the privatisation of several parts of the corniche allocated to clubs and restaurants.

    Another aim of the project is to reintegrate the corniche to the heart of Cairo, as it and the Nile have always formed a crucial part of the visual and physical traits of the country as a whole, and particularly our beloved capital.

    The promenade is set up to refine and highlight one thing more than anything else: The beauty of the eastern bank of the Nile.

    Late last year, on August 25th, City Edge Development (as a representative of the New Urban Communities Authority) signed a contract with Counsel Masters to manage and operate the commercial part of the “Mamshah Ahl Misr” for nine years.

    Comprising the management of the promenade from the commercial and touristic to the recreational, the contract includes restaurants, cafeterias, shops, garages, and seating areas that receive the promenade’s visitors. All of this is in addition to the entertainment theatre, parking areas, river marina, and outdoor service options.

    Screens will also be installed on both levels so that the project can host national and international events throughout the year.

    The segment involved in the first project is from Imbaba Bridge to the 15 May Bridge, with the subsequent two extending to Al-Sahil Bridge going north and 6 October Bridge to the south.

    Overall, the two-level promenade will have around 90 shops, restaurants and cuisines, an open theatre with an area of 434 square metres, as well as three kiosk stands that will cover a total area of 315 square metres and a capacity for 1,240 visitors, as well as 300 kiosks.

    The Chairman of City Edge Development, Ashraf Salman, spoke of the importance of the project: “The promenade will achieve important social dimensions with regards to the plans of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Communities to achieve the project’s national goal as a touristic promenade overlooking the Nile River. It aims at creating a major touristic, entertainment and investment destination for Egyptians”.

    Counsel Masters—which focuses on business consulting and management of hotels, touristic and commercial projects, marketing and retail—is City Edge Development’s partner of choice due to the experience and international standards it works with. Counsel Masters is one of the leading operating companies in these sectors, having the exclusive marketing rights for more than 65 local brands and more than 80 international brands.

    As part of Egypt’s futuristic vision, this project will be one of Cairo’s most important tourist attractions, where a simple relaxing walk on the corniche will be guaranteed!