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Massive Steps Taken Towards Accommodating Electric Cars in Egypt

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Massive Steps Taken Towards Accommodating Electric Cars in Egypt
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Reusable containers, recycling, and saving electricity and water; these are just a few simple tools that the world, including Egypt, has been trying to use for years to gradually, but effectively, save the environment. Nowadays, the most trending eco-friendly solution that will hopefully dominate the streets within the next decade is the electric car.

To quote the USA’s Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, “All vehicles produce substantial life cycle emissions, and calculating them is complex. However, EVs typically produce fewer life cycle emissions than conventional vehicles because most emissions are lower for electricity generation than burning gasoline or diesel. The exact amount of these emissions depends on your electricity mix, which varies by geographic location.”

Egypt’s journey started in July 2018, when the Minister of Environment, Dr Yasmine Fouad, held a meeting to discuss a study that suggests including electric vehicles in the public transport service, provided by the state, within the framework of the national efforts aiming to limit air pollution, according to Egypt Today. The meeting also discussed the economic feasibility of implementing these electric cars in Egypt and how it would positively impact our society in various aspects.

Approximately four months later, Egypt Independent shared Fouad’s announcement at Egypt’s Sustainable Transport 2018 conference, that the New Administrative Capital would be the first city in Egypt to accommodate such vehicles after first laying out the foundation to sustain this technology, starting with the necessary laws. She added that Egypt is aiming to improve its air quality, by reducing 50 per cent of the particulate matter in its air by 2030 and that the ministry would encourage the private sector to participate in this technology, and provide training to Egyptian labourers. 

During the president’s visit to China last month, the Egyptian government witnessed the signing ceremony of a partnership agreement with Beijing-based automaker, Foton Motor, for the joint manufacture of electric cars in Egypt. Amr Nassar, Minister of Trade and Industry, stated that the deal includes the joint production of 2,000 buses within four years, followed by other stages of joint manufacturing.

To reaffirm the government’s genuine intent for the project, the Ministry of Interior declared that it will grant owners of electric cars temporary license plates and insured licenses until procedures related to licensing of the vehicles are regularized, according to Ahram Online. In an official statement on Monday, the interior ministry said the step comes as part of its keenness to facilitate procedures for citizens who have imported electric cars from abroad.

We hope at this rate of progress, electric cars will be roaming throughout the streets of all governorates in Egypt soon and helping our nation contribute to the global effort of saving the environment.