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Meet Cairo’s World-Class Dental Professionals

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Meet Cairo’s World-Class Dental Professionals
written by
Nesrien Abdelkader

The first thing people notice about you is your smile, so make those pearly whites shine with the help of PresiDental Esthetics Clinics & Institute. 

At these clinics, dentistry is an art. As one of Egypt’s leading dental centres and with over 15 years of experience, PresiDental Esthetics offers world-class quality dentistry. Patients will receive the utmost care from reputable dentists who have spent years crafting countless smiles.  

Trusting someone with your teeth is not always easy. Luckily, the team at PresiDental Esthetics is made up of qualified professionals who specialise in different areas of dentistry. Whether you’re looking for a certified orthodontist or someone to do cosmetic work, their clinics are staffed with the best to treat any issue. 

PresiDental Esthetics clinics are a hub for professionals and university staff Doctors to practise their craft using the latest technologies through fully equipped high-quality facilities. PresiDental Esthetics clinics are also unique to the fact that they select highly specialised doctors with qualified expertise to join their team of professionals. This gives the selected Doctors the private clinic experience without having to worry about facilitating a space nor high quality equipment required to craft a smile. 

Adults and children alike can visit to get the smile they deserve. The importance of dental hygiene is crucial, and taking care of your teeth at an early age is the best way to prevent future problems. Thanks to their team of highly-skilled paediatric dentists, PresiDental Esthetics will make sure your kid’s smile never fades.  

Aside from paediatric dentistry, their services are extensive. Correcting cosmetic issues like teeth whitening, dental veneers or gummy smiles are done with ease. The doctors can even give you a total smile makeover through full mouth rehabilitation. Orthodontic treatments to help align crooked teeth are also one of the clinic’s specialties. 

PDE has an in-house dental lab; which speeds up dental procedures and reduces the number of patient visits. The clinics are equipped to accommodate persons with disabilities; having wheelchairs to ease accessibility. 

We all get a little nervous at the dentist, especially if we’re going in for a serious procedure. However, the competent dental professionals at PresiDental Esthetics are super friendly and warm, making you feel comfortable as they get to work on services like tooth extractions, porcelain inlays, onlays for fillings, dental implants, or dental crowns. The team of professionals at PresiDental Esthetics specialise in dental implants and bone grafting procedures. Patients can also receive an implant and its denture/crown on the same day of their doctor visit. Those suffering from pain caused by an abscessed tooth, gum disease, or joint pain can also find relief. 

The peaceful ambiance created through the relaxing music and the abundance of natural light creates a comforting atmosphere to help you lay back and not worry about your dentist visit.

Residents of Cairo are never too far from a PresiDental Esthetics Clinic. They have branches in Heliopolis and 6th of October, as well as two branches in New Cairo. The 6th of October branch is their newest location, offering all dental services performed by extremely capable doctors using the latest dental technology. Customers can look out for even more clinics to open in the future. 

PresiDental Esthetics puts their clients’ comfort first by doing all they can to ensure a professional experience from start to finish, with premium tools, operating rooms, latest technology, and staff. A visit to any of their clinics will leave you with a genuine, crowd stopping smile.