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Meet Mechaliky, the Egyptian Application Targeting Sexism in the Most Creative of Ways

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Meet Mechaliky, the Egyptian Application Targeting Sexism in the Most Creative of Ways
written by
Sherif Khairy

Despite the negative stereotypes surrounding the relationships between cars and women, a trip to the mechanic is never a nice journey, for men or women. If you don’t know a good one, or are not adequately aware of your car, a mechanic can easily scam you to get a few quick extra pounds, but an app is about to change all that.

Focusing on women, Mechaliky vows to help women fix their cars all by themselves. It’s obvious from the name, Mechanic, Liky (for you), smart right? Still, if you’re not that big a fan of puns, you’ll surely be a fan of what this app does.

So how did the idea come about? A group of five young women and one young man studying at MIU University decided to look into the problems women face with their cars. Habiba Azab, Yasmine Mohamed, Sherry & Shady Gamal, Yara Mohamed, and Sara Gaafar vowed to create an app to help women become more independent in terms of fixing basic car errors, and thereby minimising the need for trips to a mechanic.

Their fun, helpful, and insightful social media presence has already started to garner some ‘followship’ and they are accelerating towards a successful future (pun intended). As for their app, it not only guides women through fixing their own car, it also provides women with a number of trusted service centres and car mechanics.

What we love about this app is the fact that it actually aims to give power to women, or rather anyone, who doesn’t know that much about car mechanics. Instead of just calling up a friend or a family member, they invite women to be in control, learn about their car, and gain an important life skill. The app helps women learn about the common issues related to cars, price ranges of spare parts, information about their car model, and other miscellaneous useful tips and snippets of knowledge all with the aim of helping women become well-versed amateur mechanics.

This is just a trial-run for now, but these women have already started a number of negotiations to get sponsors. They’re currently in talks with a numerous entities, including TOTAL and Volkswagen. We’re super proud of all our amazing young men and women, and have firm belief that this project will go somewhere.