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Memaar Al Morshedy is Heading to the North Coast in the Best Location Ever

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Memaar Al Morshedy is Heading to the North Coast in the Best Location Ever
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With 35 years of experience in the real estate field, Memaar El Morshedy has taken over the city of Cairo with a trail of successful projects that offer its residents the perfect combination of design, luxury, and functionality. This year, the real estate company is set to conquer Sidi Abel El Rahman area in Sahel, on a venture to redefine the Sahel experience with its latest offering, Zahra.


Enjoying a perfect location on the coast’s golden triangle, between Bo Island and Hacienda Bay, Zahra is but a few minutes away from all Sahel’s hotspots. When it comes to its design, Zahra boasts a modern architectural style that embodies the vision and expertise of the likes of Mohamed Hadid and Raef Fahmy, as well as the renowned Spain-based design agency, VDP Designs.


The design guarantees a picturesque view for every unit; be it a vista of greenery, a breathtaking sea or lake scene, or even a tempting view of a pool. But the very soul of Zahra lies in the list of amenities that combines luxury and entertainment for all walks of life, while maintaining the crucial factors of tranquillity, privacy, and security. From a clubhouse, sports club, and hotels, to a central park, entertainment area, and a commercial strip; all can be found at Zahra.


Now that you know all about Memaar El Morshedy’s Zahra, no need to imagine what your dream summer house should look like. Check out Zahra’s Facebook page and realise your dream.