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Mo Salah & Hamaki: A Viral Video With an Amazing Message

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Mo Salah & Hamaki: A Viral Video With an Amazing Message
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Cairo 360

“You’re Stronger than Drugs” is the slogan behind an Egyptian awareness campaign targeting substance and drug abuse. The FDCTA (Fund for Drug Control and the Treatment of Addiction) have launched this campaign in order to combat the rise of addiction among Egyptians. In their endeavour to raise a healthier generation, they’ve opted to feature celebrities that are highly popular among youths, including Mohamed Ramadan. This time around, the folks at FDCTA have partnered up with international football star Mohamed Salah, and Egyptian pop singer Mohamed Hamaki. The day after its release, the video advertisement went viral, and became widely popular among Egyptian youths and social media users. 

The campaign sheds the light on a huge problem we face as a community, and we hope that this heightened awareness will help elevate the drive of anti-drug advocates.