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Modern Education Schools Host the 5th round of Model United Nations ‎

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Modern Education Schools Host the 5th round of Model United Nations ‎
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While many Egyptian university students participate in the global student activity Model United Nations, which simulates the UN conferences, only a few middle and high school students get to experience this engaging activity. It promotes awareness of world events, confidence, as well as various other personal skills, including the abilities to hold a constructive debate and speak publicly.

Because it takes more than just a curriculum to educate youth, Modern Education Schools established its Model United Nations (MESMUN), to widen its students’ scope of knowledge, through introducing them to the current happenings of the world.

MESMUN also works on concreting the idea that, no matter how young the students are, they too have a say in what happens around them, be it nationally, or globally. Even if the events have no direct effect on their lives as individuals, the awareness itself will resonate with how they perceive their surroundings.

Last year’s edition, whose slogan was Variation is evolution, celebrated all forms of diversity, allowing differences to surface, conquering prejudice and judgment.  This year, the fifth edition is entitled What’s Your Why?, shedding light on logical thinking, and taking the time to gather a perfect understanding of the reason behind an individual’s action, thoughts, and motives.

This edition, which takes place at the Modern Education Schools Campus from the 23rd to the 29th of February, from 5.00 to 8.00 PM, and includes a variety of activities such as fun-packed presentations, games, and political debates between representatives of different countries.