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“Mommy’s Happy Hour” Podcast is Every Mother’s Safe Haven

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“Mommy’s Happy Hour” Podcast is Every Mother’s Safe Haven
written by
Mariam Nowar

“In my first year of motherhood, as a way of dealing with my postpartum depression, I wrote a book about the urban legends and stereotypes in Egypt”, shares Heba Shunbo, host of Mommy’s Happy Hour podcast which delves into all the hardships and triumphs that mothers face. “After I finished my book, I felt I still had so much to say about motherhood, that it made me want to create a platform that women can relate to”.

Shunbo believes that the only way to discuss that inner dialogue is to engage with other women, and a platform for conversations is the best way to approach it. Shunbo’s lighthearted spirit and humorous attitude shine through each episode as she effortlessly stirs topics that are both educational and entertaining.

Without a doubt, her personal life drives the podcast forward, but other women’s stories also inspire her – and us in return. Shunbo is a mother of twins, who miraculously came into this world after years of Shunbo’s heartbreaking struggles with infertility. But Shunbo is no stranger to ambitions, for she, along with her sisters Sherine and Nira, founded Cairo’s favourite bakery, The Four Fat Ladies.

When it came down to the production of Mommy’s Happy Hour, Shunbo shares that “being tech-challenged myself, I thought the best way to follow through on my idea would be to outsource the production part of the podcast so that I can focus on the fun part of it, the dialogue, the topics, the women that share my vision, with whom I can have honest and uncensored discussions”, which is what draws viewers of all backgrounds to listen and take notes. Shunbo credits Chirag Desai, the founder of Dubai’s Amaeya Media Network, for helping bring the podcast to life.

“As for the recording of the episodes, I do that from home, so the logistics are a bit tricky. I have to kick everyone out of the house; otherwise, the episode would consist of babies screaming and crying in the background!” And as for mothers-to-be, rest assured that motherhood will not be as glamorous as you might think, according to Shunbo’s views, but you will never feel alone when you have a community of experts on the podcast to turn to.

Stay tuned for Shunbo’s book coming out later this year, and you can tune into the Mommy’s Happy Hour podcast every Wednesday here. The podcast is also available on all leading podcast players, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Anghami, and Deezer.