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NASA Releases Rare Photo of Egypt’s “Bright Nile”‎

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NASA Releases Rare Photo of Egypt’s “Bright Nile”‎
written by
Mariam Nowar

(Image credit: Reuters via Sky News Arabia)

American space agency, NASA, released a night portrait of Egypt around a decade ago, which resurfaced on Sky News Arabia showing the illuminated areas around the banks of the River Nile, where most of the population are concentrated. 

According to United Nations representative, Alexander Poderosa, 97% of the Egyptian population lives in only 8% of the crowded land along the Nile. This is evident in the heavy traffic we usually witness around the capital, Cairo.

Recently, CNN reported that Egypt’s population had reached 100 million, and that the country welcomes a newborn every 18 seconds. With such high numbers, Egypt is considered the most populated Arab country, and the third in Africa!