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New Conditions for Pet Dog Licenses Announced

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New Conditions for Pet Dog Licenses Announced
written by
Mariam Nowar

(Image credit: Unseen Opportunity)

Dogs are man’s best friend. They bring joy and warmth into our lives with their cheerfulness and loyalty; however, to obtain a pet dog license, you must abide by new conditions that have been set by the General Authority for Veterinary Services, according to Egypt Independent.

You must apply for the license in the veterinary department located in the area of your residence, as well as submit an animal registration card, immunisation against rabies, dog examination, and pay the license fees. The license, which the dog must carry in their collar, will be issued within three days and will expire after a year of filing its application.

We hope that these new regulations can keep pet dogs secure, and possibly increase the number of rescued stray dogs as well.