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New Egyptian Application Wins International Competitions

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New Egyptian Application Wins International Competitions
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In an effort to advance the Egyptian technological scene, Google has partnered with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT), and launched the Mobile Application Launchpad (MAL) competition to pick out the best of the best from Egypt’s talent pool in mobile app innovation and entrepreneurship.

Today’s world relies heavily on digitisation, information technology, data collection, and the automation of almost everything. The small scale end-user side of this, is majorly focused on mobile apps. This is why Google launched this competition. But who won?

7asala, the GUC Team have won the first prize in the Startup Track competition, and have been funded to progress with their efforts. Since 2016, the team have continued to develop their application, shifting from a graduation project into a real and successful startup.

So what’s the app all about? It’s a smartphone platform which allows people to donate to any of the number of projects available on the app. There’s also a payment method through Payhub, making for an easy and safe payment.

The team launched the app last January, and afterwards participated in the Betapitch competition, an international competition in entrepreneurship in Germany. Due to their previous efforts, the team managed to snatch the top spot in the competition, and win a trip to Silicon Valley, the land of tech innovations.

So grab your phone, and try out this innovative app.