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New in Cairo Cinemas: Here’s What to Expect from this Week’s Batch of New Releases

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New in Cairo Cinemas: Here’s What to Expect from this Week’s Batch of New Releases
    written by
    Arwa Hezzah

    Want to watch a good movie this weekend? This week’s new releases in Cairo’s cinemas will give you a great selection of movies to choose from, from scary horror movies to dramas based on true events. Here’s a list of new films showing at cinemas this week.


    This horror flick, directed by Jacob Johnston, follows the horrifying events that take place when two sisters (Niki Koss and Elizabeth Posey) go to an underground music festival to meet the DJ Dreamcatcher. Things take a dark turn when a masked serial killer starts attacking everyone at the festival.

    Smiley Face Killers

    When soccer player Jake Graham (Ronen Rubinstein) feels like he’s being stalked, his friends call him paranoid. This horror/thriller film, directed by Tim Hunter, follows as things take a turn for the worst when a group of killers come after Jake and he’s left to fend for himself.


    This drama, inspired by actual events, follows war photographer W. Eugene Smith (Johnny Depp) as he documents the effects of mercury poisoning on the people of Minamata, Japan. Using his camera, Smith sheds light on the atrocities happening in coastal towns.


    Starring Tommy Lee Jones and Aaron Eckhart, this mystery/thriller, directed by April Mullen, follows a private eye, Arthur Bretnik (Aaron Eckhart), who is hired to investigate a murder in the small town of Wander. Paranoid, Bretnik becomes convinced that the murder is a conspiracy linked to the death of his daughter.

    Kung Fu Mulan

    In the hope of keeping her sickly father from fighting in the army, Mulan (Vivian Lu) has to pretend to be a man and fight in his place. This new animated version of the popular Disney movie, directed by Leo Liao, follows Mulan’s journey as she assumes the role of a man and helps the Chinese army fight the danger that threatens their country, discovering herself along the way.