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New “Littering Fines” to Be Implemented in Cairo and Giza

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New “Littering Fines” to Be Implemented in Cairo and Giza
written by
Cairo 360

Littering, and waste disposal in general, form a huge issue in Cairo. As such, Cairo’s Governor, in collaboration with Giza’a Governor, has recently announced the implementation of a new set of laws, aimed at “keeping the streets clean,” as stated by Cairo’s Governor. 

These set of laws thereby give the power to Cairo and Giza’s Head of Districts and Cleaning Supervisors to fine anyone who litters and/or disposes of waste/garbage in the streets. As such, any citizen will be fined anywhere between 200 EGP to 5,000 EGP, if he/she is caught littering, and/or disposing of garbage in the streets. 

We really hope to see a difference!