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New Metro Stations to Start Operating This Weekend
written by
Cairo 360

Featured image via ElMmlka


Amid the horrendous traffic of Cairo streets that we sometimes have to endure, we forget to thank the Metro for its dual role. As passengers, it rids us of the unexpected nature of Cairo streets in rush hour, while on the other hand, it reduces the traffic we endure above ground. Remember the last time there was a problem in one of the metro lines? Traffic was even more unbearable.

With construction commencing on a new line in Zamalek and Mohandeseen, we can expect things to become even better. However, that will take a few years to be in effect, but today, we can celebrate a much more imminent achievement.

The Ministry of Transportation has announced that the third phase of the Metro Line 3 is set to launch this Friday, 25 January. The first phase includes four stations, with construction having begun in 2015.

On the same day, new prices for Line 3 will be announced, which is also expected to see an increase in stations, going up to 13 stations from the current nine.

We hope these changes help ease our commute around Cairo by Metro, and also help in reducing traffic above ground.