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Non-Profit 25 January Hospital in Sharqeya Needs Your Help

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Non-Profit 25 January Hospital in Sharqeya Needs Your Help
written by
Mariam Nowar

“The 25 January Foundation was established to make a good change,” said journalist, head of the foundation, and president of 25 January Hospital, Mohamed El Garhy. Originally, El Garhy was in charge of the news section at El Tahrir newspaper, and after the events of the 25th of January Revolution in 2011, he wanted to leave a positive impact on the town where he grew up.

Construction of the hospital started in 2014. “My son passed away in 2011”, said El Garhy. “I wanted to commemorate his memory, so we started with a clinic, then we moved on to an apartment before the first block of the hospital was laid,” he added.

Focused on neonatal and intensive care units, the hospital is scheduled to officially open by the beginning of 2020, if all the paperwork and documents are ready in time. However, the equipment that the hospital is trying to acquire is rather expensive, especially after the pound devaluation in 2016 that impacted the procedures.

The hospital is heavily reliant on donations for its successful conception. “During last year’s Ramadan month, Naguib Sawiris matched each pound that we received, and it amounted to 5 million pounds; that helped us reach the final stages,” shared El Garhy. The hospital is currently able to run scans, blood tests, as well as operate neonatal and outpatient clinics.

The hospital is still missing a range of equipment such as portable x-rays, and digital mammography and stress electrocardiography machines. El Garhy’s background as a journalist has helped him in terms of connections, and his Twitter account aids in raising awareness about his cause.



“We acquired a piece of land by a generous donator next to the hospital, so we plan to expand after the opening. I also hope to open a factory and a school under the same name” concluded El Garhy. This way, his foundation would have been able to develop three Egyptian sectors; health, education, and employment.

Find out more about the hospital here and make a donation here.                                                                   

You can also donate through your bank account through the following guide: