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OPPO F11 Pro Campaign: A Shout-Out to All Egyptians Working on Their Dreams Late at Night

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OPPO F11 Pro Campaign: A Shout-Out to All Egyptians Working on Their Dreams Late at Night
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Let us all agree that Egypt is a sleepless country that never seems to rest; some spend their nights partying, while others use every nightfall to take steps in a long journey towards achieving their dreams.

In celebration of every Egyptian that works hard at night to make their, or other’s, lives better, OPPO launched the latest addition to its F Series with a campaign starring actress Huda El Muffti and rapper Zap Tharwat, who both have stories to tell when it comes to pulling all-nighters to work on their careers:

“I worked hard on myself to develop and constantly improve. I spent several nights trying, and took my first steps towards my goal to become an actress. I will continue working hard until I fulfil my dream!” – Huda El Muffti

“I always record at night. Usually, during the daytime, I work on producing my music, and at night, I record. The best part of what I do is my conversations with people on the street, working hard on my writing, and the long hours in the studio. My main motive behind writing new songs is telling a story I’ve seen in the city’s busy streets, and this is my main drive to produce new songs.”– Zap Tharwat

For those of you who don’t know, Huda El Muffti started her career as a model and influencer. El Muffti worked very hard and recently managed to pursue one of her main goals: acting. From a small role in highly popular TV series like Hazaa El Masaa to a leading role in the series Ka’eno Embareh, El Muffti gave us all a lesson on the drive required to achieve one’s dreams.

As for Zap Tharwat, this man revolutionised the Egyptian music industry, one rap song at a time. Tharwat always looks to harness the power of music for bigger purposes. Indeed, who could forget his famous collaboration with Amina Khalil and Sary Hany, titled Nour, aiming to combat sexism and sexual harassment.

The campaign also saw photographer Batool El Daawi capturing the stars’ stories, and other stories of people who continiously work on improving themselves, no matter what time of day it is; a felucca captain, a saxophonist, in addition to brave female figures including a DJ, a footballer, a choreographer, and a waiter.

This is what the felucca captain had to say regarding his hectic working schedule:

“Although my work is mostly at night, when everyone else is resting after a long afternoon, I feel happy when I see people spend those carefree moments on my felucca and smelling the fresh Nile air. I’m used to the night and [it] gives me power to continue is the smile on people’s face because of the service I provide. I love my work and its positive impact on people around me, and now, I own my own felucca so that I can draw several smiles on people’s faces.”

Footballer Farida Sallem, the woman breaking taboos by shattering stereotypes surrounding females in sports, had the following to say about her journey:

“Every time I pass by a huge soccer field, I count the number of girls playing, and I always hope to find more than one … but unfortunately, that doesn’t happen. I take that negative energy and convert it into motivation that keeps me going.”

Never lose hope, find your own motivation, and just keep doing what you love.”

Because the stories are endless, OPPO is giving you the chance to portray your story using a picture and the hashtags: #حكاياتك_بعيون_جديدة #OPPO #OPPOF11 #OPPOF11Pro. OPPO will not only share your story with the world, but it will also give you the chance to win an  OPPOF11, which comes with a 48 MP  camera that adapts to low light. The phone also has a 16 MP front rising camera, a full screen, 128 GB memory, and VOOC Flash Charge. It comes in two trendy colours; Thunder Black, and Green.

Got a story? Now you know what to do.