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Orcas: Your Go-To App When Looking for Qualified Babysitters and Tutors

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Orcas: Your Go-To App When Looking for Qualified Babysitters and Tutors
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We can do so many things via the internet and social media; we can book holidays, look-up a restaurant, hail an Uber, buy clothes, shop for groceries, and so much more. Some things, however, are too important do remotely. Not any more, as nowadays parents are trusting their babies with well-educated graduates and students through an application called Orcas.

Orcas is basically an application that connects individuals to reliable tutors and babysitters. Most parents typically feel guilty when asking for extra help with their children when it comes to scheduling vacations and downtime for two main reasons. Firstly, parents feel mortified at the prospect of leaving their children to a stranger. Secondly, qualified help often ends up costing parents a lot of time, money, and research.

Looking to give all parents a helping hand, Orcas is available to iOS and Android users. Additionally, the app currently operates in Cairo, Alexandria and Gouna. Orcas mainly focuses on specific selection when it comes to their staff.

Orcas is expanding and is being used by so many parents as it’s not just for babysitting; it also helps out the children with their education. Indeed, Orcas offers tutors in several subjects; whether your child needs help with their English, Maths, or Social Studies homework, Orcas is here for you.

That being said, Orcas is not only perfect for parents; it is also ideal for those looking to make some extra cash. Orcas offers full and part-time jobs with flexible hours; in other words, this is a perfect job opportunity for students that are still studying and would like to be a bit more independent, and it’s also great for full-time employees who want to increase their income. Egypt needs more part-time jobs for youngsters and people who need some extra cash. It’s one of those easy jobs that doesn’t require specific talents; it just requires patience and love.

All these points ensure that Orcas is a win-win situation for children, parents, and Orcas’ employees.