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Our Favourite Egyptian Mom Content Creators

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Our Favourite Egyptian Mom Content Creators
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Salsabil Yasser
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For all the moms out there, we know that raising your children can be quite a challenge. It’s not all smooth sailing; instead, it’s a choppy lake you need to patiently navigate just to see the light and experience all the worthwhile, heart-fulfilling, and life-enriching rewards that come with it.

From alienation and loneliness to physical pain and navigating conflicting advice, motherhood can be overwhelming, so it’s always relieving to have a sanctuary to resort to for parenting advice and reminders of the rewarding aspects of motherhood! With this in mind, we bring you our favourite Egyptian mom content creators that you can run to for advice, relate to with different stories, laugh with, and learn from!


Sarah Akram (

Image via Instagram

A mom to twin boys, Sarah Akram, whether on TikTok or Instagram, shares different challenges moms might face, with science-backed solutions for them. More often than not, parenting advice comes with mere anecdotal evidence, which can be helpful but not 100% reliable, so you can always count on Sarah to bring you the science!


Rasha Al Rahwanji (rasharahwanji0)

Image via Instagram

Rasha Al Rahwanji, a life coach and NLP practitioner, consistently shares parenting advice and talks, as well as teaching tips and activities, all to be the go-to helping hand for parents and teachers alike. You can find her on both Instagram and TikTok.


Walaa Abdelrahman (elarouba)

Image via Instagram

Want a reminder of a true Egyptian mother’s warmth? Well, Walaa Abdelrahman is here for you, but with more modern, science-backed personal parenting advice. There’s no two ways about it: Walaa’s know-how is the guiding light for many moms out there on TikTok.


Sera Yusuf (serayusuf)

Image via Instagram

Amusing us with all her stories and antics with her adorable, wonder-inspiring, and creativity-brimming daughter Faya, Sera Yusuf takes us on her binge-worthy motherhood journey on TikTok and Instagram. We’re all here for it, and we can tell Faya is in safe, competent care (which is all we really want).


Norhan Sayed (norhan_sayed_)

Image via Facebook 

A lifesaver for all the moms of teenagers out there, Norhan Sayed specialises in guiding parents of teenagers. If you’re looking for the answer to a specific parenting question, you can always ask her (and you’ll also most likely find the answer on her TikTok).