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Parts of Salah Salem Road to Be Closed

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Parts of Salah Salem Road to Be Closed
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Beware Cairenes. If you think that your commutes around the capital were difficult before, things are about to get way more challenging. It has been announced that two of Cairo’s main roads are about to be temporarily shut down, both Emtedad Ramses and Salah Salem roads are expected to be out of service for some time to come.

Regarding Emtedad Ramses Square, the area between Mostafa Al-Nahas Street and Al-Sharekat Street will be closed in both directions for a period of four months. This is due to constructions being done to extend Al-Moshir Tantawy Axis to Sixth of October Bridge, and the necessary rerouting has been put into effect.

As for Salah Salem Road, the period of closure will run for 50 days due to electrical work to be made in the area. The closed off area extends from Al Amir Karmakash Street intersection with Salah Salem, until Salah Salem’s intersection with the area under Al-Fardous Bridge. Moreover, the side road of Salah Salem, from Al-Fardous Garden to the Greek Hospital Street, will also be closed.

Mind those blocked streets on your next commutes, Cairenes, and make sure you plan out your trip before you venture into the unknown.