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Penguins, Like Human Beings, Also Propose Marriage!

Gentoo Penguins Marriage Proposal Ski Egypt
Penguins, Like Human Beings, Also Propose Marriage!
    written by
    Mariam Nowar

    “Yes!” answers the lady in affectionate affirmation after her loved one finally pops the question, but what about penguins? How can the non-speaking animals express their interest?

    Of 18 different species of penguins, Gentoos are the most romantic of them all. A diamond ring represents a tight bond that lasts a lifetime, and when it comes to penguins, a pebble is the ultimate gesture. When a male penguin meets a female that he fancies, he searches high and low for the perfect pebble to propose with. Yes, propose! If the female accepts his offer, she picks it up, and then their lives are joined forever.

    If that isn’t heartwarming enough, the penguins continue to show love towards each other throughout their lives by bowing to one another and singing together. Aww!

    The only place in North Africa where you can find Gentoo penguins is Ski Egypt, where the leader of the pack, Sultan, resides with his lovely wife, Nelly. With Valentine’s season in full swing, you can reignite the spark of your romance and pop by the couple to believe in true love again, and share the quirky penguin story with your significant other – it will surely impress them!

    Find out more about Sultan by following him on Instagram. To visit the penguins at Ski Egypt, book online by visiting its website.