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Planning a Private Gathering? Here Are 10 Places That Offer Catering Services

catering Catering services Eid El Fitr Ramadan
Planning a Private Gathering? Here Are 10 Places That Offer Catering Services
written by
Nelly Ezz

The final few days of Ramadan are upon us, but instead of cooking, you can lie back and take the easy way out! Catering is the easiest way to go about the scrumptious banquets; instead of spending countless hours in the kitchen, get amazing special dishes delivered right to your doorstep.

Here are ten places that offer catering services…

  1. One Oak

One Oak is well-known for its expansive sushi and steak selection. However, during Ramadan, they mix it up a bit with their catering services. One Oak Catering services offer its customers many options to choose from when it comes to Iftar and Suhour. They can provide buffet menus or live stations for shawerma, pasta, BBQ grills, feteer, fuul, and falafel, amongst many other options.

For bookings, call +201068772722.

  1. Villa Caracas

Located in various places around our capital, Caracas has positioned itself as a high-end Lebanese restaurant determined to serve Cairiens with the authentic taste of Beirut. Villa Caracas catering is available all year-round, with a fantastic selection of salads, cold mezze, hot mezze, main courses, and desserts.

For bookings, call 01097543679 or 01097436567.

  1. Eastwest Catering

Eastwest Catering specialises in corporate, home, and event catering. They have many different menus on offer: Asian, International, and Sushi. During Ramadan, what’s great about them is that you can choose to get frozen options that you can warm up when it’s time or order ready-to-eat Levantine delicacies for Iftar.

For bookings, call 01208747474.

  1. Whisk Catering

Buffet, cocktail, and catering menus are all options that Whisk has on offer. If your looking for a new and improved Ramadan Iftar experience, then you have found it. Whisk has curated an elegant menu this Ramadan, filled with creative dishes. Choose from their varied selection of soups, salads, appetisers, proteins, seafood, sides, desserts, and even beverages.

For bookings, call 01090518398.

  1. Modica Catering

Modica caters for private gatherings and events; they have everything, from canapes and appetisers to sandwiches and main courses. You can choose to get their Iftar Ramadan Set menu that serves 4-6 people or get their gathering bundle that is perfect for ten guests.

For bookings, call 01288767313.

  1. Sedra

Sedra is well-known for its Middle-eastern style desserts, but not many are aware that they also cater. You can find their open buffet selection for Iftar and Suhour during Ramadan in some of their branches, but you can also order in for your gatherings.

For bookings, call 01065527801.

  1. The Caterer

The Caterer is one of the family members of Mori International, the mother company of Mori Sushi, Tamara, Ted’s, and many more big names in the food industry in Egypt. The Caterer also has frozen items and can cater for weddings, events, birthdays, and Ramadan get-togethers. They have a different menu for each week of Ramadan, and it is usually suitable for 4-7 guests.

For bookings, call 01206888800.

  1. Ottimo

Available for catering, dine-in, and delivery, Ottimo is unique because it is available in Cairo and Alexandria. They serve weddings, social events, corporate, and Ramadan Iftars. They also have a concept that offers cheese platters called Grazed.

For bookings, call 01227366033.

  1. Tahbisha

Tahbisha is a street-style restaurant in Sheikh Zayed. It offers all our favourite go-to Iftar and Suhour items. However, there is a twist. You can order a week’s supply of Suhour goodies or try their frozen or ready-made options for Iftar and Suhour. They even offer fresh fruits!

For bookings, call 01060997909.

  1. Matbakhna

Matbakhna is a catering company that started its services back in 2014. Matbakhna levels the catering up by offering its services in Sahel as well. But since it’s Ramadan now, you can order their freshly–made meals for your next Iftar or Suhour gathering. Choose from their array of healthy Ramadan dishes and wow your guests!

For bookings, call 01140817480.