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Race for the Cure: Second Race for Cancer Awareness in Cairo

Race for the Cure: Second Race for Cancer Awareness in Cairo
    written by
    Hannah Cooper

    Breast cancer affects
    thousands of women in Egypt
    each year, and because the disease is often times detected late; the mortality
    rate is exceptionally high. Not only is there limited awareness and
    understanding of this fatal disease in Egypt; but with cases
    of malpractice and misdiagnosis, the crisis at hand is real and affecting more
    and more Egyptians every day.

    The Breast Cancer Foundation
    of Egypt (BCFE) is currently partnering with the Susan G. Komen Foundation in an
    attempt to raise awareness of this health issue and the proper steps that must
    be taken for early detection and protection against breast cancer.

    In hopes of generating
    awareness, the partnership will host the second annual Race for the Cure at the Great
    Pyramids of Giza on October 23rd. Not only is this a great opportunity to
    support a significant cause; but it also provides a sense of healing and
    purpose for those that have already been affected by breast cancer.

    There are currently over 130
    Komen races happening worldwide; the Cairo
    race will be hosted under the patronage of the Susanne Mubarak’s Women’s
    International Peace Movement (SMWIPM). While the BCFE is a non-governmental organisation
    that has constantly served thousands of women across the country by educating
    individuals of early detection, awareness, care and support; the SMWIPM covers
    a wide range of social themes including gender-mainstreaming and health
    awareness among Egyptians.

    Just in case the idea of
    running 1.5km somehow seems impossible to you, have no fear; you are allowed to
    walk. Organisers will take participants via shuttle buses to the race’s
    starting line at the southwest corner of the Giza Pyramids, with the course
    finishing in a parade procession near the Sphinx, where families and friends
    will be waiting to cheer you on as you cross the finish line.

    The race is not competitive; instead,
    it focuses on the importance of awareness. Whether you choose to run the race
    individually or with a team, your preference can be noted at the time of
    registration. To register, complete the registration form and pay the fee
    accordingly at any of the locations listed on the website, including Cilantro branches,
    Citystars, and Hyper 1. It’s highly recommended that registration is taken care
    of before the day of the event to avoid any unnecessary hassle.

    Beginning promptly at 10 AM on
    October 23 and finishing around 10:45AM, proceeds from the race will go towards
    funding the support and care of Egyptian women currently battling breast cancer.
    The registration fee is 25LE for adults over 18 years of age and 5LE for youth between
    13 and 18 years of age. In return for the fee, a t-shirt and race bib will be provided
    for you to wear during your race for the cure.

    Take this opportunity to
    support your loved ones affected by this disease. For more information, please contact the BCFE at 23644422
    or check out the website here .