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Ramadan Desserts 2020 in Cairo: What, Where, and How Much

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Ramadan Desserts 2020 in Cairo: What, Where, and How Much
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Ramadan is just getting started, and we all can’t wait to get a taste of the incredibly delicious classic desserts. However, we are always open to trying out the creations and variations with which Cairo local pastry shops celebrate the season:


Voila offers a selection of assorted mini desserts that comes in two editions. The Ramadan Delights Box is a kilo of variously-flavoured konafa nests and basbousa (280LE), and a half kilo box called The Deluxe Box (275LE), which mainly offer dates variations; covered in chocolate and nuts, and pureed with Lotus, dried apricots, and nuts.

Check out Voila’s Facebook and Instagram.


Dukes’ range of Ramadan dessert creations includes konafa variations such as Snickers & Caramel, Konafa Tiramisu (375LE), Lotus & Cherry Konafa (375LE), in addition to Mango Konafa (350LE), and Nutella Konafa (320LE).

Dukes also has Lotus, Vanilla, Nutella, and Pistachio Om Ali, whose prices are 285LE each, except for the pistachio which is 325LE. As well as a round of single-portion, flavoured rice puddings (35LE), including Nutella, Hazelnut & Caramel, and Dates.

Check the whole lot on Dukes’ Facebook, and Instagram.


Nola is celebrating the season with a massive Ramadan dessert menu. We’ll try to wrap it up here, so here we go: Nola offers konafa tarts, cakes, and bowls, which include Chocolate Volcano Konafa (320LE), Cadbury Marshmallow Toffee Tart (280LE), and Konafa Lotus Bowl (360LE). These desserts come in a single-person serving size, with prices ranging between 40LE and 90LE.

Nola’s large pots include Lotus Om Ali Crème Brule (350LE), and Om Ali Crème Brulee (300LE). The place also has various basbousa creations, including Lotus, Nutella & Twix, Oreo, and Chocolate Maltesers, and Red Velvet, whose prices range between 15LE and 18LE.

Check Nola’s Facebook page and Instagram.


Coppermelt has a range of classic desserts that come in a kilo-box assortment for (450LE), and a half-kilo box at half the price. Plain, Hazelnut, and Four Seasons Basbousa are 70, 105, and 295LE, while Konafa with Cream is 95LE.

As for the creative items, Coppermelt offers them in small pots, including rice pudding that comes in five flavours; Nutella (40LE), Maroon Glace (45LE), Cherry (40LE), Blueberry (40LE), and Banana Cinnamon (35LE). Om Ali lovers are also in for a treat with three different flavours; Nutella, Nuts, and Banana Cinnamon – 40LE each.

Check Coppermelt’s menu here, and the Instagram here.  


Last year, The Bakery Shop, AKA TBS, came up with a creation called Basmoolah. This year, TBS is offering Basmoolah in a bigger size and a range of new flavours, like rice pudding, mastic, dates (280 – each), as well as pistachio, Nutella, and Lotus (300 – each). The last two flavours can also be delivered frozen, so you can just pop into the oven.

Assorted bite-size Basmoolah is also offered in a 24-piece box for 220LE, which is the same price for a box of an assortment of konafa flavoured Nutella, Mastic, Pistachio, and Dates (20 pieces). Check the whole menu here, and order by calling 16679.  


Cinnabon offers this year ready-to-cook family size Othmanleya, which comes in two flavours: Nutella (180LE), and Berry Mix (140LE), in addition to its usual Ramadan Cinnabon Bites; an assortment of 20 pieces offered in a range of flavours (190LE).

Check the brand’s Instagram and order by calling 16720.

Oven Heaven Bakery:

The homemade cookies brand offers a range of Ramadan treats. There’s a selection of tarts, like Khoshaf Tart, and S’mores Cookie Tart (260LE – each), Chocolate Meshmesheya, Salted-Caramel Date Tart, Lemon Blueberry Tart (250LE – each), Lotus Banoffee Tart (280LE), and Pistachio White Chocolate Tart (320LE).

Check the website here, and the Instagram here.

Sale Sucre:

This year, Sale Sucre brings a round of delights, including Balah El Sham with Nutella (180LE), Tres Leche Rawani (180LE), Konafa Nutella (180LE), and Konafa Nutella and Fudge (180LE). In addition, there is Turkish Konafa with Cream (200LE), Konafa with halva Choux with pistachio (200LE), and Choux with cream and dates (180LE), as well as its classic chocolate profiteroles (240LE).

Check the whole menu here.

Devour Cupcakes:

Devour Cupcakes offer a host of mini Konafa Cups (20LE – each) of various flavours, including Nutella, mango, and more, which also come in a family size edition at 340LE. Also, there is a round of mini Basbousa Cups at the same price with flavours like Tiramisu, Red Velvet, and Nutella.

When it comes to family size desserts, the place has a box that includes a host of Ramadan classics (konafa, loukoumades, and baklava, and atayef), which come with three chocolate dips and nuts for 500LE. Also, Devour Cupcakes has a variety of Ramadan treats that come in the shape of cakes and mini cake pops. Check the whole lot in the highlight story of Devour’s Instagram.

Sultana Ice Cream:

The renowned Egyptian ice cream brand has joined the Ramadan creations race with a round of cool treats that come in the form of ice cream cakes. Konafa lovers will find Kinder Bueno konafa (415LE), Konafa Ferrero (395LE), or Lotus Konafa (350LE), while basbousa lovers can dive into Sultana’s Basbousa Salted Pistachio (375LE).

You can order through Otlob. Check out Sultana’s Facebook page.

La Poire:

As always, La Poire has its wide range of Ramadan treats in two sizes. The shop’s range of cups includes Lotus, Nutella, and Mango Lotus Konafa (30LE – each), the same price of the classic othmanleya, while Mango Konafa, and Basbousa Dates cups are 25LE and 20LE, respectively.

As for family size treats; a half and half Lotus and Mango Konafa is 375LE, and the Nutella/Lotus Konafa Bowl is 350LE. Om Ali comes in three flavours; Plain, Nuts, and Lotus, for 200LE, 250LE, and 350LE. Lotus Mango Konafa is 375LE, konafa and basbousa with cream and fruits is for 275LE, while a bowl of Basbousa with Dates and Caramel is 250LE.

Check the whole lot here. Order by calling 19515.

The Batter Half and Co.:

The Batter Half and Co. has various options on offer; Nutella Basbousa (350LE), Mix Balah El Sham (385LE), Atayef Mix (385LE), Konafa Nutella (450LE), Konafa with Caramelised Dates (250LE), as well as Konafa with Cheese Cakes and Berries (450LE) – that’s only a glimpse of what the brand offers.

The Batter Half & Co. also has a round of small cheesecake cups at the price of 40LE each, Konafa slices of flavours including Nutella and Red Velvet at the same price, while its classic Konafa and Basbousa Dome is for 35LE.

Check the menu here. The Batter Half delivers, call on 01024488878 (Zamalek), 01145944144 (New Cairo), and 01024577722 (October City).


The renowned pastry shop and restaurant has various treats, either in their classic form, or the creative. You’ll find creations like Konafa with Pumpkin, which comes in a jar (30LE) or a big bowl (160LE), as well as Oreo Konafa at 40LE and 175LE, and Strawberry Konafa for 145, 200, and 250LE, according to size.

Sedra has a website dedicated to these lovely treats, from which you can also place your order.

L’ Amandine:

This year La Mandine came up with various creative treats, including Konafa Sticks, flavoured Chocolate 35LE and White Chocolate 30LE, Lotus Konafa Bombs (3 pieces for 60LE), and Dates Gratin (30LE). You will also find Lotus Konafa (290LE), and Konafa Dates (275LE).

Check La Mandines Facebook Page for more. For delivery, call 01020416798 or 01154446353.


Zanobia offers a range of bowls, including Half Lotus Half Mango Konafa (235LE), as well as Half Mango Half Chocolate (225LE). There’s also Lotus Rice Pudding (215LE), and Snickers Konafa (245LE). The place delivers to New Cairo, Heliopolis, Nasr City, Moqattam, and Maadi; give them a call on 01211222262.

Check Zanobia’s Instagram.

The Four Fat Ladies:

This Ramadan, The Four Fat Ladies introduce the Tres Leche Cake, which comes in three different flavours; Nutella & Konafa (260LE), Lotus & Konafa (290LE), and Floss Halva -Halawa Sha’r (260LE).

Check The Four Fat Ladies Instagram here.