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Red Bull Paper Wings Has Officially Landed in Cairo, and You Can Still Participate!

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Red Bull Paper Wings Has Officially Landed in Cairo, and You Can Still Participate!
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Featured image via Red Bull Paper Wings (from the 2012 competition) 



Ever wondered what is required to become a pilot? Seat yourself in an upright position and prepare for take-off, as we update you on the coolest event happening in the capital!

Red Bull has officially brought back its Paper Wings competition for the fifth time. Yes, that’s right folks; the gigantic paper plane competition is back in town. University students from all over Egypt are battling it out nationally for a chance to later compete in the global edition of the tournament.

There are prizes for three main categories; distance, airtime, and aerobatics. Each category has its own rules and criteria.  Are you ready for takeoff Egyptians?  Join your fellow nationals who have already qualified in the distance category: Omar Sharouda 20.00 m, Youssef Doma 20.00 m, Mohamed Mohsen 18.50 m, and Mostafa Gobran 16.00 m. As for the airtime category, there is Emk One1 with 4.49s, Ammar Bassem with 3.82s, and Pierre Sameh with 3.57s.

Tempted to try it out? It’s not too late for you to apply. Go ahead check out their website, download the app (available for both iOS and Android users), find a nearby qualifier event, and participate. Work your magic, and you just may be selected to compete in the world competition, which will be held in Salzburg- Austria between the 16th and 19th of May 2019.

We hope to see Egypt represented globally!