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Repton School Cairo: The Renowned English School Finally Makes its Way to Egypt

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Repton School Cairo: The Renowned English School Finally Makes its Way to Egypt
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In a challenging world like the one we are living in today, raising children is never an easy job. It’s not merely about meeting their essential needs as much as securing a thoroughly healthy environment that ensures a stable growth of the future’s men and women. Shaping tomorrow begins with a loving family, and extends to an equally positive educational system.

With a mission to solidly plant human values within an educational frame, Repton School opened its doors, in 1557, to the young of South Derbyshire’s village of the same name. Soon the establishment became a prominent name in the world of education, as well as ranking one of the top sporting schools in the UK. 

Following its homeland success, the school that boasts various branches around the world; with four of them in the MENA Region, is now landing in Egypt. Thank to the efforts of “Merge Plus Education” who decided to invest heavily in the education sector and collaborate with Repton International Schools Ltd, top-notch quality education will be brought to local students from kindergarten to 12th grade.

Situated in New Cairo, Repton School Cairo is set to open its doors next year for the Early Years educational stage, before launching the primary stage by 2020.

With a firm educational system and state-of-the-art facilities that cover all that is needed to develop a positive individual, Repton School Cairo is expected to raise the bar for education in Egypt.


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