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Ride the Storm: Driving Schools in Cairo

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Ride the Storm: Driving Schools in Cairo
written by
Nada Medhat

Driving in Cairo is a hassle, but sooner or later, most of us have to ‘adult’ with a grain of salt. Sometimes, finding a good driving school or mentor is as much of a hassle. Too much trial and error can turn you off from the entire concept of driving. To save you some effort, we’ve compiled the best driving schools in Cairo, varying in locations and prices!


Direxiona is Egypt’s first online platform & tech-enabled service that offers professional female driving instructors. The service is offered in over 17 locations in Cairo ranging from New Cairo, and Obour City, to Ramsis and Nasr City. There are four packages to choose from, varying in experience, sessions, and prices. Whether you’re a complete beginner or somewhat knowledgeable, you’ll find the perfect mentor for you. 

Otherwise, Direxiona can help you with everything that has to do with cars; whether you need a mechanic recommendation, a good car agency, or help in preparing the documents for your driver’s licence, Direxiona is reliable, helpful, and easy to follow. Find out more about the school here

Engy Car 

Based in Nasr City, Engy Car is a well-established, professional and affordable driving school. With a large team of professional trainers, of both genders, you’ll have your choice depending on your comfort level. With a large collection of cars, you can also learn to drive either manual or automatic cars. Find out more about the school here

Marwa Driver Car 

A one-trainer school, Marwa Mohammed has gained a remarkable reputation as a professional trainer who ensues the trainees with confidence and professionalism. The trainer is also committed to disputing the ridiculous reputation around women’s inability to drive. That said, she actually teaches both men and women, with the same tolerance, respect and patience. Find out more about the school and offers here

Captain Car 

Located in Shubra, Captain Car offers both car rentals and driving lessons. The place has gained an admirable reputation where it’s widely respected. It has highly professional trainers, affordable prices and flexibility in setting appointments. Find out more about the school here