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Rise Partners with AMIDEAST to Recognise Youth Potential and Reshape the Future

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Rise Partners with AMIDEAST to Recognise Youth Potential and Reshape the Future
    written by
    May Mansour

    It’s a rapidly changing world that requires our consistent attention; a world full of challenges as well as unique opportunities made possible with the rise of technology, global cooperation, and diversity. Now, an initiative has been launched to help recognise young potential who can reshape the future, and take part in solving some of the world’s biggest problems.

    Rise, a new global talent programme funded by Schmidt Futures and Rhodes Trust, is dedicated to identifying exceptional talent across the globe, providing them with a lifetime of support and opportunity, and will be made available in The Middle East and North Africa via AMIDEAST.

    Until January 29th 2021, young people of ages 15-17 who are looking to make their ideas a reality can apply to Rise through Hello World – Rise, a global application available on Google Play and iOS App Store. Instead of the usual evaluation based on grades and test scores, applicants will have two months to create short videos on a topic they feel passionate about. Those who demonstrate the most determination, integrity, and empathy will be selected to join a global community of peers and leaders and given early access to online courses and financial support for university and internships.

    Winners will also attend a fully-funded residential summit, where they can explore future career paths. Upon employment, they will receive mentorship and career services to further their skills. Throughout their lives, they will have early access to educational and funding opportunities through the network of Rise partners, including businesses and nonprofits. The first 100 global winners will be announced in July 2021.

    “Too often we give an opportunity to brilliant young people in need, and then walk away”, said Eric Braverman, CEO of Schmidt Futures. “But there are many barriers that keep the most exceptional people from serving others as their life’s work. Rise is the first programme of this scale anywhere in the world to create opportunities for this extraordinary talent for life.”

    Young people without access to the mobile application can visit the Rise website for more information on how to apply.