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Sahl Hasheesh Divers Start a Campaign to Clean the Red Sea

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Sahl Hasheesh Divers Start a Campaign to Clean the Red Sea
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Plastic started as an ordinary, harmless material, that evolved over time into a viral epidemic, negatively affecting many components of our immediate surroundings, including the environment and living organisms. The initiative to rid the world of this “disease” started with a small baby step that later stretched into long strides all across the globe. Back in April, we talked about how the Red Sea governorate decided to ban single-use bags and all disposable plastics, starting from June, turning it into a “Go Green” land to protect wildlife, marine life, and endangered species.

Now, Sahl Hasheesh, a bay located on the Red Sea coast of Egypt, across from Sharm El Sheikh, is valiantly taking the lead as it announced on the 24th of June the launch of its initiative, “Sahl Hasheesh Deep Sweep” on social media. It’s a 6-month initiative, that started on June 29th, at the Sahl Hasheesh Bay, where they conduct underwater clean ups across different diving spots. Almost a week later, they posted a photo on their Facebook page, stating, “A good day’s work after cleaning our waters for a clearer bay. See [you] again on July 27th.” They concluded their message by recognising Scuba House Red Sea, an organisation that provides daily diving activities & snorkelling trips and Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) courses, as well as Project Azraq, a citizen science project protecting the future of our oceans through education and reef monitoring.


In an interview, Senior Marketing Manager at Sahl Hasheesh, Ahmed El-Nakeeb, stated, “We plan on tackling the effect of humans on the sea, educate divers, volunteers, and local businesses on how to avoid the usage of harmful materials to sea life and minimise creating waste at home.”

Whether you’re an amateur or professional diver, or even someone who just likes exploring the beautiful oceanic landscape in your spare time, you are all encouraged to participate and volunteer in cleaning up our country from the filth that is plastic, and serve your community in the positive direction. Check out their Facebook page to keep yourself updated with the various cleanup dates and dive sites.  

Images via Project Azraq’s Facebook page.