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Santoku Sushi and Steakhouse Now Delivers!

home delivery Santoku Sushi and Steakhouse Steak sushi
Santoku Sushi and Steakhouse Now Delivers!
    written by
    Mariam Nowar

    When the cravings hit, Santoku Sushi and Steakhouse will deliver! The upscale hotspot in New Cairo has been home to fun culinary experiences, including fiery Teppanyaki live shows and magnificent birthday sushi tarts, and now, they’re delivering straight to your homes and work offices starting from 1:00 PM.

    Starting from 196 LE for 20 pieces, you can order your combo for a very reasonable cost. The bigger your craving, the bigger the combo! Selections include 30 pieces for 290 LE, 40 pieces for 371 LE, 50 pieces for 402 LE, 80 pieces for 670 LE, and 100 pieces for 714 LE. If you’re a fan of Nigiri, you can order 10 pieces for 174 LE on the side. These prices are excluding delivery charges.

    A variety of options are available, ranging from appetisers like fried shrimp, nachos, and quesadillas, as well as the restaurant’s signature Japanese dishes. Warm yourself up with your choice of soup (Miso, Onion, Spicy Tom Yom, or Mushroom), then move on to sushi, and if you still feel hungry, the grilled section features all kinds of cuts (Texas Rib Eye, T-Bone, and Angus Beef Striploin) that will tide you over ‘til the next day.

    Fancy going out? You’ll still dine in with premium prices; 20 pieces for 220 LE, 30 pieces for 325 LE, 40 pieces for 415 LE, 50 pieces for 450 LE, 80 pieces for 750 LE, and 100 pieces for 800 LE.

    A romantic dinner by the pool or indoors with your significant other may just guarantee you a lifetime of happiness!

    Also, karaoke is back on Tuesday nights, so you can unleash your singing talents behind the microphone to your own private audience while live entertainment breaks the ice.

    You can always head to Santoku Sushi and Steakhouse for your birthday celebrations and go big with the sushi tarts for prices starting from 650 LE, including taxes.

    For reservations, call 01212669999.