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Sara Mansour: A Young Egyptian Woman We Should All Celebrate

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Sara Mansour: A Young Egyptian Woman We Should All Celebrate
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Cairo 360

In commemoration of International Women’s Day, we published a listicle containing the names of 11 Egyptian women, which have made an impact in numerous fields, industries, and disciplines over the past few years. This list, of course, does not include all Egyptian women who have made a lasting impact; indeed, compiling such a list would be a near impossible task, considering the sheer amount of Egyptian women who are truly influential and inspirational. 

Today, we are here to write about yet another amazing young Egyptian woman: Sara Mansour. Mansour has recently been awarded with The Nex-Gen Female of the Year Award at the Energy Petroleum Show (EGYPS) for the year 2019. EGYPS has an entire section dedicated to Women in Energy. In the words of EGYPS themselves,  “The Women In Energy Awards is a platform created to celebrate excellence and illustrate, acknowledge and honour female talent in Egypt, North Africa and the Mediterranean energy sector through four Award categories with an unbiased process led by an excellent high-level Jury line-up.”

The awards are divided into four different categories. Women in Leadership, Nex-Gen Female of the Year, STEM Star of the Year, Employer of the Year Championing Inclusion and Diversity. Generally speaking, these awards look to promote, highlight, and celebrate gender equality in a field that has long been dominated by males.

More specifically, the Nex-Gen Female of the Year Award, looks to honour the contributions of young and upcoming future female leaders in the energy sector. Sara Mansour is currently an Instrumentation and Control Engineer at Egyptian Natural Gas Company (GASCO), and we couldn’t possibly be more proud of her!