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Six Game-Changing Egyptian Start-Ups You Need to Know About

Six Game-Changing Egyptian Start-Ups You Need to Know About
written by
Hend Salah

Contributing to societal development and positively impacting local communities have become core values among the ever-increasing number of start-up projects in Egypt. Many have proven to be extremely valuable in not only achieving those values, but also opening up new fields and industries, as well as creating employment opportunities.

From the world of fashion and design, to trying to ease Cairo’s relentless traffic, we give you six local start-ups that are not only providing useful services and goods, but also making a difference socially.

Reform Studio

Founded by Hend Riad and Mariam Hazem in 2013, what started as a graduation project has turned into successful, award-winning business. Reform Studio is a startups that manufactures furniture items by recycling plastic bags into 100% eco-friendly handmade fabric known as plastex, available in Eklego Design and Dokan Boutique.

Kinetic Apparel

A local sportswear brand founded in 2014 and widely known among athletes, Kinetic Apparel currently owns a physical store as well as an online one. With a wide collection of creative and affordable sportswear for male and female athletes, Kinetic aspires to collaborate with some of Egypt’s leading gyms to reach out to new customers.


Up-Fuse is another eco-friendly start-up project which recycles plastic bags into tote bags, backpacks, accessories, cases and sleeves. Founded by Rania Rafie and Yara Yassin back in 2013, Up-FFuse collaborates with a local NGO, which provides them with the plastic bags as well as the artisans who manufacture the trendy and off-beat designs.


Fostered by two of Egypt’s regional startup accelerator programs, Flat6Labs and 500Startups, Elwafeyat is a startup project that aims to facilitate post-mortem period on the deceased family by providing everything from digital obituaries, steps on how to obtain the death certificate and burial permit to ongoing charity projects in honour of the deceased.


A great app which can save you both the money for gas and can make traffic slightly more bearable, Raye7 is a ridesharing service that allows commuters going to the same destination to share a ride. In addressing potential safety concerns,  the app introduced the concept of ‘trusted users’ within your community of friends, colleagues and family whom you can contact for a safer ridesharing experience.  


An e-waste recycling company that collects anything from computers, televisions, VCRs, fax machines and mobile phones that are no longer useful, RecycloBekia is a start-up that uses green recycling methods and provides safe data destruction services. Having been featured Forbes as one of the top 10 start-ups in the Middle East, RecycloBekia now works closely with big companies including InfoFort, Oracle, Orange and Speer Ink.

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