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Six Ice cream Places to Beat the Heat This Season

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Six Ice cream Places to Beat the Heat This Season
written by
Nelly Ezz

Ice cream is unbelievably popular with just about everyone. It’s a sweet treat that appeals across borders and generations – and no matter the time of year, ice cream is always a great treat. Of course, it is good during the summer, but it also goes great with pastries, pies, and other baked goodies during the cool and winter months. You can enjoy ice cream any time, anywhere! Whether in a cone, cup, tub, or on a stick – you can never really get bored of it because of all the varieties, flavours, and toppings. Since summer is just around the corner, we thought we’d round up a few places for you to beat the heat with this sweet treat this season:


This one is for all the gelato lovers; if you’re not feeling like having something heavy, gelato is the next best thing. Variegato has an abundance of gelato flavours, from mint and raspberry to honeycomb and Biscoff. The best thing about Variegato’s menu is that you can also get mini gelato cakes, sticks, whole cakes, bubble waffles, and more. You can try them now in Street88 in Palm Hills or New Giza Club. 

Dara’s Ice Cream

An all-time crowd-pleaser, Dara’s flavours never fail to impress, from creamy Pistachio and Caramelised Almond to Salted Caramel Crunch and Peanut Butter. Starting with one branch in Galleria40, Dara has spread her love for ice cream to Zamalek, New Cairo, Madinaty, and Maadi. Their stores’ vibes, the delicious flavours, and the famous chocolate fountain are one for the books! 


Undoubtedly, Cairenes welcomed the Italian gelato with open arms. Stavolta is another gelato spot that mastered the key of authentic Italian gelato flavours. They offer gelatos and sorbets that are out of this world, with classic Italian flavours like mascarpone to more fun ones like pumpkin and hibiscus. Bright and always cheerful, you can find Stavolta in Zamalek, Maadi, New Cairo, and Sheikh Zayed.


This local brand has been wowing customers for quite some time now with its incredible selection of mini pops, unique flavours, and tasty creations. It’s notable to mention that Dolato has an array of gelato flavours alongside coffee options, cakes, milkshakes, 25/50 mini pops boxes, and bubble waffles. Care to give them a try? There are six Dolato branches all over New Cairo, Heliopolis, and Sheikh Zayed.

Gelato Mio

Another spot that brings us the ever-so-popular light version of Ice Cream that we love. Gelato Mio is one of those gelato parlour pioneers that brought us exquisite flavours like carrot orange, mistika, and even basbousa. Safe to say, Gelato Mio has won in the gelato game in Cairo, with branches in Zamalek, Maadi, Heliopolis, Sheikh Zayed, and even Ismailia. 

Mandarine Koueider

We couldn’t finish our list without mentioning the legendary Mandarine Koueider. This famous dessert place made its mark in Cairo back in 1928, and it is still going strong, offering a fantastic array of local desserts and freshly made ice creams. You can find a variety of flavours at their stores, from more classical flavours like chocolate, pistachio, and yoghurt to more fun ones like tiramisu, cheesecake, and passion fruit! Even though their most famous location is in Zamalek, they expanded to more areas in Korba, Nasr City, Maadi, New Cairo, Masaken Sheraton, and even the Northcoast.