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Ski Egypt’s Ski School: From Zero to Hero

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Ski Egypt’s Ski School: From Zero to Hero
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    Ski Egypt at Mall of Egypt is the brainchild of developer group, Majid Al-Futtaim, famous for its Gentoo and Chinstrap penguins, Snow Rocket, and exhilarating snowy slopes for skiing and snowboarding. An experience filled with unfamiliar wildlife and pieces of nature only seen in other continents awaits you. And, for those of us who wish to take the experience one step further, Ski Egypt has its doors open to potential students at their very own Ski School!

    Children of ages 3-6 and 7-13 years old can join the Ski Child programme, and those of ages 8-13 years old can join the Snowboard Child programme. Adults can join the Ski Adult or Snowboard Adult learning programmes, with instructors certified by the Snow Sports Academy in Austria. All ages can become professional Level 4 skiers and snowboarders within their age bracket. Students will learn the movement and physical technicalities of skiing and snowboarding, and gain full knowledge of gear and equipment usage and handling, as well as a necessary understanding of first aid for sports injuries to cope with any emergency.

    Students will be given a discovery lesson, where they will be able to orient themselves with skiing and snowboarding gear and acquire a better understanding of the sport. Students will start as a beginner and make their way to advanced Level 4. Ski School will also host a free-styling session on the last Thursday of every month for advanced skiers to sharpen their skills.

    Professional skiers make skiing look easy! But it certainly isn’t as complicated as people might believe either. Give it a shot and find out for yourself!

    For more information, contact Ski School by visiting their website, Facebook, and Instagram, or via hotline number 16002.