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SODIC East: A Fully-Fledged, Evolved, World-Class Destination in the East

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SODIC East: A Fully-Fledged, Evolved, World-Class Destination in the East
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SODIC Developments, committed to providing Egypt’s growing need for high-quality housing and retail space, have been expanding from merely building housing units to building communities. They have moved from real estate to real societies. With developments in West Cairo and the North Coast, SODIC emphasises the power or art, sports, culture, and knowledge within their spaces, and this all comes together in their latest development: SODIC East.

SODIC East, located between Cairo Suez and Ismailia roads, adjacent to Al Sherouk City, and in close proximity to the new administration capital, is a modern development with a focus on human beings and their lifestyles. It aims to be an inspiring environment with access to enriching activities such as sports, camping, “edutainment” (a science-based concept which focuses on learning through entertainment), and several other wellness opportunities. The sports and fitness centre alone include courts for tennis, volleyball, and various other sports, a gym, and an arena for yoga, as well as a pool and kids’ water park. Along with it being a walkable community, SODIC East will also provide transportation solutions for residents, making this living experience all the more convenient.

Efficiency is one of the main pillars of this new development. The space in each home is used in such a way that maximises the usability, creates a sense of synergy, and “enables true connectivity between location, architecture, and the human soul.” Each home will include a winter garden which, besides being aesthetically pleasing, will be  constructed in a manner that provides it with sunlight, cross-ventilation, as well as exposure to a Mediterranean sea breeze. Living here guarantees each individual accessibility to nature and its healing properties. SODIC East takes a holistic approach to the concept of wellness, ensuring that it is incorporated in every aspect of this development.

As a company that continuously tries to outdo itself, SODIC has certainly hit the mark on this one. Head over to SODIC’s website to learn more about the brand and its latest developments.