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Give Back This Ramadan: 5 Organisations to Volunteer or Donate for Ramadan Packs

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Give Back This Ramadan: 5 Organisations to Volunteer or Donate for Ramadan Packs
written by
Safy Allam
Image via Instagram

The month of giving is right around the corner, and what better way to prepare for this month than by volunteering for Ramadan packs to give back to the community? As the month of Ramadan approaches, anticipation fills the air, bringing with it a profound sense of community and compassion. Since there are many people out there keen on spreading joy for the holy month, here are some organisations that offer opportunities for volunteering and donations.


Misr ElKheir 

Established in 2007, Misr ElKheir is a non-profit development institution that supports Egyptians in their needs. For Ramadan 2024, Misr ElKheir offers different packages you could donate. They have an Iftar Campaign and Suhoor meal to provide those in need with their Ramadan meals. They’ve also compiled different sizes of family support boxes that you could choose from to provide for families. Additionally, they added a new card service, allowing you to donate a card for a certain amount of money, giving fasting individuals the freedom to choose whichever food items they desire.


Share a Smile

Being one of the latest established organisations, Share a Smile’s charitable acts immediately reached many people. It did not only reach those in need but also those who want to help, including celebrities. Share a Smile has ongoing charitable activities that you could donate to or volunteer for throughout the year. Every Ramadan, they organise an event where people volunteer and help compose Ramadan boxes. So, if you like to share the joy of packing Ramadan boxes, this is the one for you!


Egypt Food Bank

For over 20 years, Egypt Food Bank has been a leading organisation in helping fasting people get the nutrition they need to break their fast during Ramadan. This year, Egypt Food Bank is leading the Iftar Saa’em campaign, where they compile the Ramadan Joy Box that carries different food products according to the type of donation you would like to contribute. The campaign also includes the Iftar meal and Iftar Table, for those who couldn’t afford to buy or make a proper Iftar meal for themselves.


Life Makers

Life Makers make Ramadan box donations easy as they have ready and packed Ramadan boxes to ship and distribute. You could also make a donation if that’s what you would prefer. Life Makers do not only perform charitable acts during Ramadan but also year-round as they aim to make the lives of struggling Egyptians easier.


Seket ElKheir

Another non-profit organisation is Seket ElKheir, created in 2014 to support Egyptian families in need. Every year, Seket ElKheir sets a goal to collect donations to compile Ramadan packs and distribute them across the country. For Ramadan 2024, Seket ElKheir aims to distribute Ramadan bags to Minya, Assiut, Qena, Qalyubia, Alexandria, Cairo, and Giza, ensuring that each family in need receives what they require. If you are still looking for somewhere to donate and reach those in need this Ramadan, this is the place for you!