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Student Influencers: Navigating Midterm Season with Authenticity & Inspiration

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Student Influencers: Navigating Midterm Season with Authenticity & Inspiration
written by
Malak Gharib
Image via York U

We are all greatly influenced by our Instagram and TikTok feeds. With midterm season finally here, we all need students who can provide genuine insight into the reality of student life. They motivate us to dust off our books and engage with those long-neglected classes. Here, we introduce content creators who excel at precisely that – guiding us through our academic journey with inspiration and practical advice.


Zeina Diab 

Image via Instagram 

Introducing herself as a med student trying to balance a well-rounded life, Zeina Diab is a doctor in the making who shares her journey with the world. Between working out, prayers, and exceptional study night drinks, Zeina motivates her audience. Additionally, Zeina shares raw and honest parts of her journey, including topics that are hard to digest, such as failing courses and expectations. 


Sarah Ihab Fitness 

Image via Instagram 

Aside from her fitness content, Sarah Ihab’s vlogs as a med student maintaining her fitness journey continue to motivate us to work towards our goals, and take care of our health. 


Hoor Hussein 

Image via Instagram 

A full-time dentistry student who also doubles as a content creator and a social media specialist at one of our favourite cookie brands, Hoor Hussein’s productivity is an inspiration to all of her followers. From her serious TikTok videos about undergraduate jobs to ones with random talks, Hoor Hussein continues to motivate her audience with no pressure and realistic expectations. 


Leh Keda Ya Mariam 

Image via Tiktok 

Mariam kicked off her TikTok journey to spread awareness of Trichotillomania, a disorder that causes a compulsive urge to repeatedly pull out one’s hair. Later into her journey, she reflected on her study nights with the disorder, which is triggered by anxiety, making millions of viewers feel heard and understood. 


Latifa Hesham 

Image via Instagram 

Latifa Hesham initially went viral for her comedic content and rap music-related reels and videos. Latifa is now appearing on our feeds for a different reason: her “Latifa Study Method”. So, if you find yourself with only eight hours until your next exam, head over to Latifa’s profile, discover the Latifa Method, and ace that midterm.