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Sufret Almarai: Because No Family Gathering Is Ever Complete Without a Delicious Meal

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Sufret Almarai: Because No Family Gathering Is Ever Complete Without a Delicious Meal
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Food has been uniting and bonding family and friends throughout generations. Almost every family has a signature dish, served at gatherings and requested for special occasions. As such, these dishes provide more than just nourishment for the body; they enrich the soul, and bear witness to the creation of incomparable emotional bonds, reminding you what it feels like to be part of a loving family.

During Ramadan, Almarai launched a massive dining table full of a select group of foodies and chefs. The VIP guests were invited to a surprise location: the mysterious and secretive Dahab Island Palace, which is located right in the middle of the Nile. The venue is one of the most unique, must-go-to, hidden architectural gems in Giza, as it holds pieces from Prince Naguib Abdallah’s art collection, and carvings of the late Sao Schlumberger from the ’70s, in addition to some pictures of the Architectural Digest taken from his flat in 1995.

Moreover, the ride to the palace is an experience in itself, as you can only get there by boat. As the event kick-started, all guests were fascinated by the décor, and Sufret Almarai ensured that the design was both cosy and intimate. Chef, May Yacoubi, artistically served everyone a delicious homemade buffet, on a communal dining table that helped all the attendees bond and communicate as if they were one family.

You are probably wondering what motivated Almarai to organise such a cool event; well, let’s  just say that the event was all about celebrating and supporting the launch of a new online cooking platform, which is aimed at creating memorable moments over savoury and tasty foods, all cooked by brand ambassador – Chef May Yacoubi. All recipes that are posted on the Instagram account were taken in stylish and catchy shots that showcase a never-ending dining table, just like the communal table dining experience offered at Sufret Almarai.

We bet that you’re going to fall in love with every single post. Keep yourself up to date through their Instagram account here, and keep your eyes open for lots of recipes that you can serve at all your family gatherings. Share pictures of your gatherings and recipes, and make sure you tag Almarai Egypt on Facebook, and Sufret Almarai on Instagram for a chance to get featured on the platform!