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Summer Nails Extravaganza: Spoil Yourself at these 8 Nail Salons in Cairo

cairo nail art Nail Salons
Summer Nails Extravaganza: Spoil Yourself at these 8 Nail Salons in Cairo
written by
Salsabil Yasser
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There can be no substitute for that freshly polished feeling after a visit to your nail salon, where you feel as though every care and crinkle in your life is being smoothed away. It is an all-you experience, helping you (and your nails) regain a sense of vitality with your neat cuticles and glossy top coat. So, here are the top nail salons in Cairo that you should run to for some fresh nails (and much-needed quality time with yourself!).

The Nail Factory 

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Located in Zamalek, The Nail Factory is nothing short of its tagline: clean, chic, and creative. Offering both nail and hair services, this salon is your go-to for a self-care day where you put your feet up, throw away all your cares and worries, and just do nothing but watch your hair and nails getting all dressed up. Ready for that self-care day? Well, then, call this number: +201000849944.


Malika and Mo 

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Once inside Malika and Mo, whether their Zamalek or New Cairo branch, it will be very hard not to try all their services: skincare, nails, and lashes. However, nail services are their forte, so if you go there for just one service, it should be for your nails!

For more information, you can contact them on this number: +201113339783.


Vine Nail Spa

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If you’re looking to get your nails ready for whatever life throws at you, Vine Nail Spa in New Cairo and Heliopolis is your place. Boasting an ambience that is just right for a quick break from the rigors of your day-to-day life, Vine Nail Spa flawlessly caters to all styles alike, with their professional, attentive nail techs that will attend to you more than anyone ever has; you honestly need to contact them now for that nail appointment! Here’s their number: +201115245444.


Viva Nails

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Nestled within Heliopolis, Viva Nails will give your nails all the attention they need and deserve. Founded by a Russian expatriate in Egypt with a passion and knack for all things nails, Viva Nails will serve you with love. Don’t forget to get a hard gel manicure there (yes, even hard gel refuseniks will LOVE it there). Call them for a reservation on this number now: +201112220855, and thank us later!


Sahar Beauty Salon

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Providing all the posh little luxuries a retreat should have, Sahar Beauty Salon in Nasr City is not just a nail salon but a cosily luxurious haven! It offers you EVERYTHING beauty-related. So, if you want to feel all fancy and regal, give them a call now on this number: +201003942661, and go there to get a full makeover; obviously, don’t forget your nails.


Mayfair Haus Privé

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It’s safe to say that Mayfair Haus Privé, located in Mohandessin, marks a new standard for all spas and nail salons, increasing the grading threshold. It’s easy enough to spend the whole day there and feel like you haven’t got enough of it! With all their facilities and welcoming staff, it’d be a perfect second home for you. Zeroing in on their nail services, you can get a manicure, pedicure, nail treatment, or anything your heart desires, all with their professional, licensed nail techs. If you think this is the one for you, call them on this number now: +201010954940.


Nails Lounge

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Specialised in, but not limited to, nails, Nails Lounge boasts two branches, the first in Galleria40 and the second in Arkan Plaza. Be prepared for the best experience with top-notch nail techs and quality materials, no less than that. Your nails are in safe hands there, we pinky promise. We honestly can’t see any reason why you wouldn’t call them up on this number +201095474832 or this number +201555112726 to set your next nail appointment now!


Nail Ink

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Founded by the certified Italian nail master Andreea C. Costantino, Nail Ink in New Cairo is not just a nail salon; it’s an academy! With this in mind, you can be confident that your nails are done professionally and precisely. You can also learn all about nails in the academy if that’s what you’re looking for!