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Swvl to Deploy Ford’s New Minibus

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Swvl to Deploy Ford’s New Minibus
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    When Uber and Careem were first introduced into the Egyptian market, society was stunned by the efficient and effective concept of ride sharing. Our minds boggled at the idea of a private car, most importantly an air-conditioned car that takes you from and to any point on the map. Despite the tens of thousands of nationwide clients, the public transportation users were sadly left out of the equation. They still endured the suffocating experience of cramped, stuffy, hot spaces, and all the other dismal conditions.

    That’s when Swvl jumped in to save the day at the beginning of 2017. For the 2% of the population, who might not have heard about this multi-million dollar funded startup, it is one of Egypt’s top ride-sharing apps that offers affordable, quality, convenient, and reliable everyday bus rides.   

    Because Swvl settles for nothing less than the best, a strategic partnership agreement was announced just a few days ago. According to MENAbytes, the collaboration dictates that the Ford Transit will become the preferred small bus for all Swvl lines. A joint statement from a press conference in Cairo specified, “The agreement will combine the brilliance of the Transit, world’s best-selling van brand, with an app-based mass transit system that enables commuters in Egypt’s major cities to enjoy an affordable, convenient, safe, and reliable alternative to existing transportation services.”

    Furthermore, Swvl has partnered with Nasser Social Bank and EFG Hermes Bank to offer competitive financing to Swvl captains looking to purchase and deploy the Ford Transit bus. Under the agreement, Swvl captains will also have access to a series of after-sales support and maintenance services through Auto Jameel, Ford’s local distributor.

    We were keen to know more about this upcoming model, so we checked Ford’s official website. The motto splashed across the page in bold capital letters, “Put some style into your active lifestyle”.  With heated seats, overhead storage at the driver’s seat, 15 and 18 seat configurations, over 100 cubic feet of cargo space, and a rear-view camera, the Ford Transit Van will probably help double Swvl’s pool of users.

    We heard that the first consignment of Ford Transits has already arrived in Egypt, so we can’t wait to pamper ourselves in this luxurious ride very soon!