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Taking The Entrepreneurial Realm by Storm: 5 Shark Tank Startups We Loved

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Taking The Entrepreneurial Realm by Storm: 5 Shark Tank Startups We Loved
written by
Malak Gharib
Image via Al Osboa

Shark Tank Egypt is nothing short of jaw-dropping, showcasing the nation’s brightest minds and unveiling groundbreaking ideas and ambitious ventures. Introducing us to brands with exceptional offerings and sky-high ambition, from impassioned pitches to strategic negotiations, here are some of our favourite moments from Shark Tank Egypt.


Fool Tank

Famous for their exotic Egyptian breakfast twists (mozzarella falafel, fava beans with barbecue sauce, and much more), everyone waited to see the founders behind Fool Tank on Shark Tank. Being one of the show’s top episodes and best presentations, Hoda Hosny, one of the masterminds behind Fool Tank, took the sharks by surprise with her brand presentation. Going on the show for an investment to develop Fool Tank’s operation system, give management better resources and training, and open more stores, the show’s vast audience was taken aback when Hosny received multiple offers and rejected them. 



Shaghalny is a platform that helps people with intermediate degrees and certifications find jobs in fields such as delivery, sales association, housekeeping, and more. With their founder, Omar Khalifa, Shaghalny has managed to gather the data of over a million job seekers and 5000 companies looking for workers across various sectors. With an accomplishment of 10,000 people having their lives changed due to the Shaghalny initiative and finding jobs that sustain them, Khalifa sought a deal that would help him keep Shaghalny’s Sohag operations centre and open a branch in Cairo. 



With over 500K followers on TikTok and 7.5 million likes, Fati’s has established a fanbase anticipating the appearance of its founders on Shark Tank – and even more excitement for the vlogs the founders shared. Highlighting their high-quality ingredients and unstoppable ambition, Fati’s surprised the sharks with their readiness to change the world of baking and desserts in Egypt and share their personal stories with baking. Their enthusiasm for storytelling and content marketing elevated their brand’s appeal, with Fati’s receiving three offers from the sharks and proceeding to discuss a counteroffer with Ayman Abbas, landing their deal with him. 


Super Abla 

Starting in December 2022, Esraa Saleh, alongside her co-founders, decided to end the stigma around Arabic education using their product lines (including booklets and flashcards), collaborations with schools, and online content. Making significant changes in Arabic language education, Super Abla’s storytelling skills amazed the sharks, resulting in the entrepreneur landing two offers. 



As the youngest entrepreneur from the season, Alia Osman, founder of Gammbaz, captivated the sharks with her innovative 2-in-1 candles, which transformed into a lightweight body lotion. Emphasising the use of eco-friendly materials and unique marketing strategies, Osman wowed the sharks, specifically Hend Sabry, with scent tests catering to diverse preferences and helping her elevate her customer’s online shopping experience. Seeking investment, she aims to expand offline sales in booths and initiate soy wax production in Egypt. Osman’s ambitious pitch astonished the sharks, making her stand out from the crowd with her products and knowledge at only 16 years of age.